Learning to think beyond the classroom

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Ever wondered why thinking skills are so important? Here's the lowdown on why learning to think (not just for exams and school) is essential for your little ones.

Thinking skills beyond the classroom

Learning and thinking beyond the classroom is important for a child’s cognitive development

Parents everywhere want the best for their children, but is mindless memorisation of facts really the way a child should learn? While drilling and hard work will pay off in this term’s exams or assessments, it fails to stretch your little one’s cognitive abilities in the long run.

What’s so important about thinking skills?

Yes, knowledge is good enough for now, but what about next time? Vital for progress and adaptability, thinking skills equip a child with the necessary abilities to cope in the future and continuously improve himself or herself. Only with the right thinking skills can your child learn effectively and thrive in the increasingly complex world that is constantly changing and unpredictable.

While knowledge and memory are key qualities for educational success, it is key that parents also look beyond class tests and assessments to acknowledge the importance of cognitive skills for their child’s total learning development. In theAsianparent’s recent visit to ThinkersBox, a development centre customised for the cognitive training of primary school children, we saw how their engaging programme is tailor-made for every child to maximise their cognitive potential.

Join us in the gallery below for a tour of the centre as well as the programmes designed to enrich your child with useful thinking skills beyond the classroom.

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