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Would you try tapping various parts of your body if it can relieve stress, reduce pain, increase happiness and induce weight loss? Some people have had live changing experiences from tapping. Learn about it and see what EFT is all about!


Would you try tapping if it can change your life?

Yes, no doubt—it will be a very odd sight to be slightly obsessive about tapping certain points of your body to be “healthier”. Sounds like hocus pocus right? It is also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)—but what is it exactly?

EFT and Tapping

According to author Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-free Living, who has been helping people affected by Sandy Hook, tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

As you tap certain points on your body, you will be making positive and affirmative statements that can help recondition your debilitating and limiting beliefs.

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Does this revolutionary tapping work?

Many people claim that it does. In a report by Daily Mail, Editor-in-chief of Elle, Lorraine Candy tested the technique out. She is a self-proclaimed cynic yet now she is a believer after giving it a shot.

Candy is admittedly stressed: “I have four children aged two to ten, a diabetic dog that could pop its clogs at any minute, ailing relatives to care for and a full-time job with 33 staff to manage.”

Her comments after trying to tap out the stress was: “After two days tapping, I felt significantly calmer. Most of my tapping was done in the loo as I didn’t want the children to YouTube me.”

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Of course you can find hundreds of testimonials online, but nothing works better than testing it out for yourself.

How to start tapping?

Tap your way to bliss and tap your way out of stress. Don’t just start tapping at random points—there is a science to it.

But before you try EFT via tapping, you need to spend some time on introspection and look into your “Most Pressing Issue” (MPI). Your MPI can be anything ranging from obesity to insomnia. Perhaps you have problems trying to quit smoking or you have severe back pains.

Here is an example of an MPI: “I’m feeling tired and stressed all the time and I don’t have enough time in a day.” State whatever it is that is stressing you out and ruining your days. There may be more than one of course—just rate them in terms of how badly it is affecting you. Any issue that has a rating over 5 warrants a “tapping out”.

Acupuncture points

After you have identified your MPI, spend five minutes tapping on the eight acupuncture points in this specific order:

1. Eyebrow

2. Temple

3. Cheek

4. Nose

5. Chin

6. Collarbone

7. Underarm

8. Head

As you are tapping these spots, repeat an affirmative statement. Following the MPI above, you would be repeating: “I feel tired and stressed but I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Watch this introduction to tapping video by Nick Ortner



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