“My baby was born prematurely because of my fibroids”

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Nobody expects to have a premature baby. However it is not something that happens out of the norm. Here's little Corwynn's story.

A story of my premature baby

A story of my premature baby

Mrs Yeong’s first delivery with her daughter Eldrida was smooth, and hence, she expected no complications with her second either.

She remembers making no amends to her daily routine of her life despite being pregnant. She did the housework, went on with her part time job, played with Eldrida, took her to the library, etc.

Stormy Days Ahead

However, on June 17th Mrs Yeong started having contractions. A visit to her gynaecologist on the same day found Mrs Yeong being admitted at Thomson Medical Centre for observation. “My gynae warned me of a possible premature birth which I was a little tense about but not too worried. When I was admitted, I started to mentally prepare for it,” she remembers.

Nobody expects to have a premature baby. However it is not something that happens out of the norm. In a recent study conducted in the United States, the results showed that premature births are up by 30%. Though it is not uncommon, parents still find it difficult to accept.

“I was mentally prepared”

However Mrs Yeong differs from that set of parents. She took it in stride. She muses “I think I was more prepared because my sister had a premature baby around the late 90s.

My nephew was so tiny when he was born. But growing up, he had no problems and by the time I was admitted to deliver Corwynn, the image of my nephew was in my mind but so was his progressive development. That thought alone kept me from worrying and the image of him as a baby also prepared me to see my baby with tubes attached.”

As the contractions carried on during the week, Mrs Yeong was medicated, monitored, injected and advised to eat more. Finally around the 20th, Mrs Yeong’s doctor advised her to deliver the following day as the baby was not getting any bigger.

Things weren’t going as planned

However a new twist emerged along with the rushed delivery. Mrs Yeong’s baby’s position had turned because of a fibroid that had grown alongside the baby in her womb. “I was aware of the fibroid when I was expecting Eldrida but I was never forced to have it operated as the doctors never felt it was a threat in any way.

It subsided after she was born but started growing again slightly before Corwynn was conceived. The doctor again assured me it was not something to worry about. After a while, both baby and fibroid were growing simultaneously and perhaps my fibroid was digesting more food than my baby!” laughs Mrs Yeong

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