An unexpected pregnancy and drug-less labour story!

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After the copious amount of reading and preparation they did, Singaporean parents, Khairun and Tahir thought they knew what to expect. But little Ahmad had other ideas.


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I found out about my pregnancy in the most unique way…during a routine check up in Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where I work. The first test, an urine test did not show any signs of pregnancy, so I happily went on to do an X-Ray, without realising that I was pregnant.

When I came back to see the Doctor, she told that I might be pregnant! So we took two more urine tests, both which showed positive results. I was really astonished, as my first urine test and pregnancy kit test had shown negative results!

While I was extremely excited I was also a little worried as I had done theX-Ray. The doctor sent me to see the Gynea in SGH immediately. Miraculously, the X-Ray had not affected my baby and I went home to share the good news with my family. You can only begin to imagine how delighted my husband, Tahir and I were to know that I was pregnant.

Great Expectations

The pregnancy progressed swiftly for the next few days, but suddenly it took a turn for the worse. I started bleeding like as though I was having my menses. In addition, I could not walk or stand for long. The longer I stood or the further I walked, the more I bled. I was so confused and so weak. Fortunately I had very supportive superiors at work, who granted me a month of no pay leave due to this unfortunate situation.

While the bleeding stopped once I hit the 16th week, the nightmare did not end there. I started to bleed again sometime during the 28th week. Because of the erratic bleeding, the Doctors thought that I might have a pre-term delivery, but to God’s grace I managed to carry my boy to full term.

The Delivery

In the 39th week, I headed back to SGH, to have a detailed check-up with my gynae; Dr Michele Lee. She was a little alarmed that I had not experienced any real contractions. So I was sent to the labour ward for a CTG as well as a scan, to check my water levels. Only then did my gynae realise that my water bag had actually broken!

Since I had not yet dilated, I was given a choice of prostin which they inserted through my vagina. I was told to walk around so that I could dilate faster. At 7 the next morning, my cervix had only dilated to 2cm. I was so frustrated and requested to be induced by 8am, which my gynae agreed to.

I started to feel the pain of contractions at about 2pm and by then my cervix had already dilated to about 4cm. At about 5pm, I was 7cm dilated. By then I decided to take an epidural. Upon hearing my decision, my mother, who the kind staff at SGH had allowed to enter the delivery room, said this to me,

“Ayu, if you could prove your love to me, dad and your son please do not take epidural”.

After hearing that I decided to skip the epidural, and opted for pulling my husbands tee shirt and grabbing his hand for dear life! At around 9pm, I started to push. My gynae, who was trying to be supportive said, “Pace yourself Khairun, this will take about an hour or so…”. I was so stunned and could not help but yell out, “What, another hour of suffering?” During the final moments, senior midwife Zaiton was such a big help. It was due to her shouting, “I see the head! I see the head!!” that made me continue with the pushing all the way, till my son’s first cry!

When I first saw my baby I started crying so loudly that even my gynae joked that “I thought you are supposed to cry while pushing?” But I couldn’t laugh or answer her…I was simply fixated on my little bundle of joy. My little prince. The whole world was suddenly empty. It was only me and my little boy.

Now that I think about it, the whole pregnancy journey was such a surreal experience. I am so glad that I had such a supportive husband. I would not have been able to do it with out him. And while the pregnancy was quite rough, I have no regrets. I can’t wait for us to have our number two!


Daddy-yo’s perspective:

How was the pregnancy journey?

It was lovely at the same time scary.

Advice from a husbands perspective?

Have mercy to your spouse during labour! Please! *laughs*

Any regrets?

I would be out of my mind if I were to say that I had regrets.

How did you feel when you first saw your child?

No words can explain the amount of joy that I felt. I was happy, proud, glad and afraid. Such a weird concoction of emotions.

Did the experience bring you guys closer as a couple?

Definitely! How could I not be closer to her when she has given me a heir from my family’s bloodline? I am so proud of my wife as she is a strong woman, both mentally and physically.

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