Men cross-dress for women!

Nope this is not a party for transvestites—these are proud men standing up for women’s rights! Read on for more of the story.

kurd men

Kurd Men for Equality

‘Kurd Men for Equality’

In Iran, Kurdish men are sending a very clear message via a Facebook campaign that being a woman is nothing to be ashamed of. The trigger for the “Kurd Men for Equality” campaign is a judge’s ruling of a man convicted of domestic abuse. His punishment was to adorn women’s clothing so that he will be “humiliated publicly”. The convicted reportedly donned a hijab and a red dress and was escorted through the streets.

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What message was the judge sending to the people? That women are lowly and being one is degrading? Being a women is a shame to society? How was this punishment for abusing a woman appropriate or adequate?

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For the love of women

Here are some profound and touching quotes from Kurdish men who were part of the protest:

Pedram Penhan: Hoping for the day that sexuality, gender will not be a way of evaluating humanity. 

Ala M: For many years, women in my country have been side-by-side with men, wearing men’s clothes, struggling. Tonight I am happy and honoured to wear women’s clothes and be even a small part of the rightful struggle of people to express gratitude and excellence to the women of my country.

Namo Kurdistani: …We should gather together and condemn this stupidity, brutality and inhumanity against women. This is the least I can do to support women.

Unknown man in a submitted photo writes:  Disgracing Kurdish women is disgracing an international community. Women are mothers, sisters, and life partners. 

Saro Biro Marivan: Being a woman is not a tool to humiliate or punish anyone

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Kudos to Kurdish men in their attempt to break down gender barriers!

Watch the video for more of the movement!