Know who your best allies are – How to work with your child’s teachers

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Find out why it is important to build a good working relationship with your child's teacher.

how to work with your child's teachers

Both you and your child’s teacher have his best interests at heart – so shouldn’t both parties work together to help your child unleash his potential?

Knowing how and when to partner with teachers is critical to the success of your child’s education. Schools recognise the value of cultivating this relationship, and good teachers constantly try to engage parents.

However, a partnership is a relationship, a two-way street. Unless there is mutual involvement and respect, what a teacher does alone will only have limited impact.

Parent involvement in Singapore seems rather limited, and it decreases exponentially as a child grows older. Parent involvement, if any, tends to be most active only during specially arranged meetings concerning bad behavior or poor academic performance.

When that happens, the already tenuous relationship between parent and teacher is further strained; so much more would be needed for its reparation, and so little could be done to promote positive collaboration.

how to work with your child's teachers

How to work with your child’s teachers: Both parties should have the same goal and speak the same language.

A teacher wants a child to learn, a parent wants the same thing. With the same goal, they should be looking in the same direction and speaking the same language. The irony, however, is that the relationship between a parent and a teacher is usually fragile and fogged with much judgment and misunderstanding.

The same concern, which is the child, is often also the same source of judgment. Constantly, and without basis, they find themselves judging each other, further obscuring this relationship with doubt and suspicion.

The plot thickens with clever children playing one against the other to get what they want. Teachers, like parents, want the best for their students. Your child’s teachers are no different. This makes you a team, not adversaries.

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