Kinderland Singapore Implements New Policy to Enhance Child Safety and Privacy

Kinderland Singapore Implements New Policy to Enhance Child Safety and Privacy

In response to recent incidents of alleged mistreatment of children under its care, Kinderland Singapore has taken proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of its young students.

On August 30th, the preschool announced that it would no longer permit its staff to use personal mobile phones during teaching hours.

This move comes as part of Kinderland’s commitment to safeguarding children’s privacy and maintaining a secure learning environment.

Kinderland Singapore Prioritizes Child Protection with New Measures

The management of Kinderland Singapore expressed its dedication to creating a secure environment for every child attending the preschool.

In a statement released on its official social media platforms, the school highlighted its new policy aimed at preventing the misuse of personal mobile phones by staff members during teaching hours. The goal is to protect children’s privacy and prevent unauthorized sharing of photos and videos.

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Company-Issued Devices: A New Communication Approach at Kinderland Singapore

To ensure effective communication with parents and guardians, Kinderland Singapore has equipped its staff with company-issued devices. Consequently, these devices are dedicated to managing all interactions with parents, encompassing sharing important updates, photos, and videos of children’s activities through a specially designed Pre-School Management App.

By utilizing authorized devices, Kinderland aims to streamline communication and simultaneously maintain a professional approach to parent-teacher interactions.

Ex-Teacher Incident Prompts Swift Action

Recent incidents involving alleged mistreatment of children at the preschool influenced the decision to implement the no-personal-devices policy. Authorities discovered an ex-teacher filming a colleague engaging in inappropriate behaviour towards children at the Kinderland branch in Woodlands.

Law enforcement arrested the 33-year-old teacher and subsequently prohibited them from working in the preschool teaching sector. They are actively investigating the matter to ensure justice is served.

Second Case Raises Concerns

In an unfortunate turn of events, another Kinderland preschool located in Choa Chu Kang faced a similar incident of alleged mistreatment. A 48-year-old preschool teacher was arrested following a case involving a child under her care.

The incidents have raised concerns within the community and highlighted the need for comprehensive measures to protect children’s safety and well-being.

Safeguarding Every Child: Kinderland Singapore’s Unwavering Mission

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Source: Kinderland Singapore

Kinderland Singapore remains committed to providing a nurturing and secure learning environment for all children enrolled in its programs.

Furthermore, the implementation of the no-personal-devices policy reflects the preschool’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of child protection and privacy.

By effectively utilizing company-issued devices and strictly regulating their use, Kinderland aims to foster a safe and respectful atmosphere for both students and staff members.

As Kinderland Singapore takes these proactive steps towards enhancing child safety and privacy, parents, guardians, and the community at large hold hopeful expectations that these measures will contribute to a positive and secure educational experience for every child in their care.


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