Kids' adorable reactions to receiving terrible Christmas gifts

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Check out what happens when these parents give their kids terrible Christmas presents! Watch till the end to see a surprising reaction....

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2015/12/Terrible christmas gifts.jpg Kids adorable reactions to receiving terrible Christmas gifts

What would happen if you gave your children terrible Christmas gifts?

Here’s an idea for you, parents – this Christmas, instead of wrecking your brains to think of the perfect present that your child will absolutely love you more for, how about taking a page out of these parents’ book and give them a present that is, well, mundane.

These parents in the States decided to gift their children with a bottle of mustard and a wrench wrapped in some toilet paper for Christmas “to see if they would be grateful” just to receive a present, no matter what the present is. This truly reflects the true spirit of Christmas which has become excessively commercialized.

Interestingly, while “Bubba” the brother, reacted predictably in an annoyed fashion, the little girl “Sissy” seemed pretty happy with her Christmas “gift” and even sweetly cradles it in her arms as she runs upstairs with it. Aww.

Check out their cute reactions below!

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