“Ouch, my tooth hurts, Mummy!” – Dr. Terry Teo answers your questions on kids’ dental problems

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Should you let your child's decayed milk teeth fall out or should you visit a dentist? What do you do when your kid refuses to brush his teeth? These are just a few of the questions Dr. Teo of The Dental Studio has answers for in this article...

kids' dental problems

Kids’ dental problems: Dr. Terry Teo answers your questions on looking after your little one’s pearly whites.

Dr. Terry Teo is a highly qualified specialist paediatric dentist who practices full-time at The Dental Studio, Singapore. He has a wealth of experience in handling a wide range of kids’ dental issues, and is particularly interested in paediatric behaviour management, including kids with special needs.

Earlier this year, theAsianparent gave you, our lovely readers, the opportunity to ask Dr. Teo all your questions about dental problems in kids. In this article, he provides informative answers to the questions he received about Early Childhood Caries (ECC) and dental hygiene routines.

kids' dental problems

Dr. Teo of The Dental Studio

Please note that the following information has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Q: What is the right time to bring my son for his very first dental check-up? He is nine months old, has eight baby teeth, and is already eating a variety of foods that may contribute to tooth decay. 

A: All children should have their first dental visit as soon as the first tooth grows, or by their first birthday. This is important to assess for potential risk of oral disease and to educate parents on proper oral hygiene practices. Thus, now is the perfect time for your son’s first dental examination.

At nine months of age, the main contributor to tooth decay in infants is usually formula milk, which contains a lot of added sugar. This form of decay is called Early Childhood Caries (ECC), and is a disease that progresses very quickly.

Early Childhood Caries can begin from as young as when the first tooth erupts, especially if your child is constantly drinking formula milk from a bottle during bedtime and not having his teeth cleaned after.

Is it okay to skip brushing your kid’s teeth if he throws a tantrum about it? Dr. Teo has the answer on the next page…

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