Encourage your child’s self-expression through style

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When our children were still babies, we dressed them as we pleased. Now they want a say in it. FOX Kids Fall Winter Collection makes the process fun.


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Your child is unique, so you should encourage them to express themselves through their developing sense of style.

Do you love dressing up your kids — sons and daughters — in the latest fashions?

Are you one of those mums who sees shopping trips as an opportunity to have a super fun time bonding with her kids? Do you and your daughter love wearing “matchy-matchy” outfits; do you love watching her dress up as a ‘mini-me’ version of you – copying all your style statements in her own fun way?

And do your kids enjoy making their own fashion choices? Do they have very definite views on what they like and what they don’t – collared t-shirts over round neck ones, dresses over skirts?

If your answer to those questions is a loud and clear ‘yes’ then you and your kids are in for a real fashion treat! FOX Kids Fall Winter collection is now available in all FOX Kids stores across Singapore.

This latest collection is as comfortable as it is stylish – you are going to love it and so are your kids! The collection comprises of a variety of adult style choices for kids who want to dress the same way as their mums and dads, such as denim jackets, joggers and varsity jackets etc.

Take your kids down to the stores and let them explore the fashions and pick what they like. Do hold back from picking things for them, let them explore and make choices. We tell you why:

kids clothing singapore, fox kids

Kids will want to try out fashions — colours that don’t match, socks that don’t coordinate. Let them. It is an exercise in creativity.

Let it go: Allow kids to make choices

As mums and dads we find it hard to hold back at times, wanting to fix every little thing about our child. But sometimes, it is healthy for them to be able to make their own choices — as crazy and bizarre as they may seem — because they will learn that decisions have consequences and this will teach them responsibility.

When it comes to their clothes, a lot of kids want to dress like their parents. Little girls want to be mummy’s ‘mini-me’ and the boys just want to look like dad. They will try on our shoes, our high heels, draw moustaches across their faces, try and put make up on, wear our clothes, which are clearly oversized for them. Yes they will look adorable, but we don’t want them going out like that, do we?

With FOX Kids Fall Winter Collection, the kids can now make independent choices that fulfil their fashion sensibilities. They can choose from clothes that marry everyday functionality with that little touch of quirkiness and flamboyance; or they can opt for cool denims with varsity jackets, dark leggings with graphic tees, in a bid to look like their mum and dad.

Kids want to be trendy like grown ups around them and we want them to be comfy. How do you do both? Read on to find out.