8 super-fun kids' birthday party game ideas!

8 super-fun kids' birthday party game ideas!

Are you holding a party for your kids? Here are some fun party games for your kids!

You can't have a proper kids' birthday party without great games, right? But with all the other preparations involved in organising a birthday party for your child, you may be left in a tizz at the last minute without any games to keep those little guests occupied.

So, to make things a bit easier for you, we've compiled a list of some fabulous birthday party games. Just click 'next' for some great ideas!

1. Magical cake hunt

A great lead-up to cake-cutting time, this game is sure to get the kids super-excited!

Things you’ll need:

- Index cards

- Pen or pencil

- Birthday cake

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1: Write clues on the index cards. Start them out at the cake table, and work backwards. The clue at each location should lead them to the next clue.

For example, the clue they find at the kitchen sink should lead them to the next clue, at the living room couch, and so on. The final clue should direct them to the cake table.

Step 2: Keep the cake hidden close to the cake table.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Tell the guests that the wicked queen has stolen the birthday cake, and they must find it!

Explain that she has left a trail of clues for them to follow. Read the first clue out loud, and send them on their way.

Step 2: When the guests are a clue or two away from the cake, put it back on the cake table.

Step 3: When they find the cake, sing 'Happy Birthday' for the celebrant, then serve the cake.

Flamingo contest

8 super-fun kids' birthday party game ideas!

The kids are sure to have loads of fun with this game. Expect lots of laughter and giggles!

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Divide the children evenly into 2 teams.

Step 2: Have each team pick 1 child to be the flamingo.

Step 3: The two flamingos then have to stand on one leg and try to keep their balance.

Step 4: The non-flamingos try their best to make the flamingo on the opposing team fall over, doing anything but touching the flamingo in any way. They may make funny faces, dance around, fall over themselves, etc.

Step 5: The flamingo that stays up the longest gets a point for his/her team.

Step 6: Continue playing until each child has had a chance to be the flamingo. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Mama cat

This a great game for a little girl's party.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Have the children sit in a circle.

Step 2: Choose the birthday girl to be the Mama cat. Send her into another room.

Step 3: While the Mama cat is out of the room, select 3 other girls to be her kittens.

Step 4: Have all the girls cover their mouths, and call the Mama cat back into the room.

Step 5: While keeping their mouths covered, the 3 kittens should start saying ‘Meow, meow.’

Step 6: The Mama cat must figure out who her kittens are. Once all 3 have been found, select another child to be the Mama cat, and continue.

Dino egg hunt

Perfect for little boys (or girls!) who love dinosaurs!

Things you’ll need:

- Colored plastic eggs

- Treats to fill the eggs, like candy, stickers, small toys, etc.

- Goody bags, 1 for each child

Getting ready:

Step 1: Make your hunting ground! Using furniture and sheets, make caverns and hidey holes. You can decorate with plastic rocks, potted plants and anything else that seems dinosaur-y to you.

Step 2: Fill the eggs with the treats you bought. 3 or 4 per child should be plenty.

Step 3: Hide the eggs in your hunting ground.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Give each child a goody bag, and direct them to the hunting ground.

Step 2: Let them hunt for the dino eggs. Important note: It may be a good idea to let the children know they should only find the 3 or 4 eggs you allocated to each guest — that way everyone gets to find some treats!

Wrap the mummy

This game is so much fun! Both boys and girls alike are sure to love it, especially if they are Harry Potter fans!

Things you’ll need:

- 4 rolls of toilet paper

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Explain to the children that in order pass their defense against dark arts final they must turn a Boggart into mummy team wins will be awarded 5 house points. 

Step 2: Divide the children evenly into 4 teams, 1 representing each Hogwarts house. 

Step 3: Have each team pick 1 member to be the Boggart.

Step 4: Give each team a roll of toilet paper.

Step 5: To start the game, yell ‘Riddikulus!’ That is the signal for the children to start wrapping their Boggart in the toilet paper.

The team that finishes first, wins.

Princess trivia

This game is ideal for little girls who are crazy about princesses.

What you need:

- A list of trivia questions about popular princesses

- Several small prizes

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1: Make up a list of questions about popular princesses that most of the girls are likely to be able to answer. Some suggestions:

What are the names of the princesses in Frozen? Anna and Elsa

Who lived with 7 dwarves? Snow White

Who had to be home at the stroke of midnight? Cinderella

Who had a fish for a best friend? Ariel

Who lived with a talking teapot? Belle

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Explain that you’re going to ask questions about some of their favorite princesses. If they know the answer, they should raise their hands.

Step 2: Start reading the questions. When they give a correct answer, award a small prize. Try and call on each girl at least once, so everyone gets a prize.

Pirate charades

8 super-fun kids' birthday party game ideas!

If you have a 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' fan at home who wants a pirate-themed party, here's a great game.

Things you’ll need:

- Paper

- Pens or markers

- Paper bag, bowl or hat

Getting ready:

Step 1: Write words that have to do with pirates on small pieces of paper. Some suggestions: parrot, eye patch, wooden leg, treasure chest, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, treasure map, sword fighting

Step 2: Put all the pieces of paper in the bag, hat or bowl.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Choose 1 child to go first. You may want to either start with the birthday boy, or draw straws.

Step 2: Have the child pick a piece of paper.

Step 3: Explain that they must act out the word anyway they’d like, but they may NOT speak at all. Small children may need help thinking of ways to act out their word or phrase.

Step 4: Give the other children 2 minutes to guess the word. The guest that guesses the word correctly gets to go next.

Unicorn mane race

Here's a super fun game boys and girls alike will love!

Things you’ll need:

- 2 pictures of unicorns

- Masking tape

- Lots of different colored streamers

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1: Cut a 1’-2’ streamer for each guest, and attach a piece of looped tape to the end.

Step 2: Choose a space with about 20’-30’ of running space.

Step 3: Using the masking tape, make a starting line 15’-25’ away from a wall.

Step 4: Hang the unicorn pictures on the wall.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Divide the guests evenly into 2 teams.

Step 2: Tell the guests that the idea is to attach all the streamers to the picture, to make the unicorn’s lovely mane.

Step 3: Line the guests up, single file, and give each one a streamer.

Step 4: When you yell ‘GO!’ the first guest in line should run as fast as they can, attach the streamer, and then run back to their team.

The next child in line should then go, and so on. Continue until 1 team attaches all their streamers.

The team that finishes first wins the race. 

*Source: www.momswhothink.com

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