This kid avoids bedtime in the funniest way imaginable

This kid makes a run for it, and it's hystercal!

Remember when you were a little kid and it was time for bed? If you were like me, you'd do just about anything to avoid the dreaded "lights out" rule.

Whether it was a desperate plea for five more minutes of TV, or even begging my parents for one last bedtime story, I had a plethora of strategies to help prolong the inevitable bedtime that awaited me.

As parents, we now know that the shoe is on the other foot. Like our parents before us, we have to get our children to bed, and truth be told it's not always easy. Especially when kids are finding more and more creative ways to put off getting to sleep.

Take our little friend Adam as an example:


This little guy is going viral because, like so many other children, he refuses to go to bed upon his mother's request. However, he's doing it in a way that will have you laughing out loud, and giving recognition for creativity and guile.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself...

When Mom tells him that it's time for bed, he slides off of her bed. Is he going to his room? Probably not.



He scurries down the hall as his mom follows behind him. Where is this intrepid tot off to?




That's right. He's off to slide down the stairs like a boss. This kid is making his getaway in style. Not to mention it's absolutely hilarious!


Admittedly, your kids are better off not following in Adam's footsteps, but you have to respect his commitment to the great bedtime escape act.

Watch the whole video below, but try not to laugh too hard at Adam's bedtime retreat!

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