7-year-old brutally attacked on bus: how to keep your kids safe

7-year-old brutally attacked on bus: how to keep your kids safe

The kid was reportedly travelling alone home from school when he was viciously attacked by a stranger.

Alarming footage of a kid attacked on a bus has been making the rounds on social media. It started out innocently enough, with the young boy kicking the adult man lightly, as if urging him to play. But then, the man explodes and savagely attacks the boy. He slams him on the floor and stomps on him.

Kid Attacked on a Bus in China by a Violent Stranger

Reports say the footage was captured in a bus travelling in Suining City, China. The boy was on his way home from school alone. Thankfully, another adult passenger soon intervened. 

Because of the vicious attack, the boy suffered severe bruising and swelling of the face. But thankfully, and miraculously, he sustained no lasting injuries.

The man who attacked the child has since apologised to the boy and his family. Reports say he was picked up by police and detained for 15 days following the incident. 

He cited work-related stress as the main reason why the boy’s actions triggered his blind rage. 

Social media users in China mostly agree that even if the child was being a “brat,” he didn’t deserve such brutality.

You can view the foootage below. Warning: Some viewers might find this too disturbing. 

Keeping Your Kids Safe when on Their Way Home from School

More and more parents are allowing their kids to go home alone from school. While it fosters independence, it can also put them at risk. 

Even if they’re only travelling a short distance, there’s no telling what dangers lurk on public transportation.

In the case of this little kid attacked on a bus, even seemingly harmless adults can be capable of horrific things.

So it’s important to let kids know these safety reminders once they are ready to ride public transport alone, which is usually around the age of 10 to 12 years old. 

1. Follow Road Rules Religiously

Teach your child to be the ideal pedestrian. They should know when and how to properly cross roads; they should also know when to use footpaths, for instance. 

2. Educate Them About Social Mores in Public Transport 

When riding public transportation, children should be considerate of their fellow passengers. This involves giving up their seat for the elderly and pregnant. It also means not being noisy or rowdy. 

3. Set a Plan in Place in Case the Unexpected Happens

What if they get lost? They should know who to ask for directions. What if there is an emergency? They should always take note of their nearest exits. They should always be alert when it comes to their belongings at all times.

kid attacked on a bus

Cases similar to the kid attacked on a bus can sadly happen any minute. Make sure to arm your kids with the right safety measures for commuting alone. | Image source: file photo

4. Always Stay Connected

Arm your child with a way to communicate with you, like their own cellphone, once they’re ready. This way, they can let you know once they get home safely. Just make sure you know their school policies on cellphones.

5.  Choose a Travel Buddy

Select one of their closest friends and classmates to be their travel buddy to keep them company. This travel companion can watch their back. What’s more, you can also coordinate with the parents of your child’s travel buddy to make sure they stay safe.

6. Teach Them that Dangerous Strangers Can Look Harmless

Stress the importance of knowing when strangers can’t be trusted. In fact, teach them that they should be wary of ALL strangers. Make sure they know that even harmless-looking adults can be dangerous.

7. Know When to Run Away or Yell for Help

If they find themselves in a sticky situation, teach them that it’s okay for them to draw attention to themselves. Tell them to trust their instincts. If it’s time to run, they should do so quickly. If a stranger tries to grab them, they should scream and put up a fight. 

Arming kids with this knowledge will keep them safe and put your mind at ease. Remember though, that you don’t have to let your child travel alone, if you can avoid it. But allowing them to commute alone can help build their independence. 


Sources: Shanghailist.com via Medium, New Zealand Herald

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