Exclusive: Kevryn Lim on her son, private life, campaigning and more

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Kevryn Lim hopes to champion welfare for single mums and their kids. Find out her story on how she became a single mum herself, and how she hopes to help the community.

Kevryn Lim, single mums in Singapore

We caught Ms. Kevryn Lim for a chat in between house visits.

Kevryn Lim is no stranger to the limelight. As a new candidate in the field of politics, she has been given a fair share of attention in more ways than one.

She hopes to champion welfare for single mums in Singapore, as she very well understands the challenges of raising a child on her own though she finds solace and support from family and friends.

theAsianparent speaks to this 26-year old single mum to learn about her story and how she has been balancing work commitments and playing the role of both mum and dad to her two-year-old son.

The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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During the last trimester, I had pretty bad back pains and it was difficult to support my big belly due to my small frame. I had to use a belly support.

I wanted to have a natural birth but my baby still wasn’t engaged and was floating back up near my estimated delivery date, though I was already dilated.

In the end, we had to undergo an emergency cesarean section.  My then-husband was in the delivery ward with me. I was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. I was on epidural and I could feel the baby coming out. Niklas was safely delivered by Dr Ann Tan at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

My mum helped me with my confinement, and she was very strict. I wasn’t allowed to bathe for a month!

Did you breastfeed? And, for how long?

I breastfed for about four months. It’s good to start with mother’s milk and we introduced formula as I wasn’t producing enough milk. Thankfully, it was relatively easy to transition to formula.

What has been the toughest parenting moment thus far?

My boy has been quite good to me; I’m very lucky. He has been sleeping throughout the night since he was two-months-old.

Before turning two months, there was a time he would wake in the middle of the night and keep us carrying and singing to him for four to five hours. It lasted about a month and after that episode, he suddenly started to sleep through the night. He sleeps on his own so that he’s not dependent on an adult to sleep with him and doesn’t need to be sung to.

As a working mum, how have you managed childcare until now?

When I had just returned to Singapore and started my own business, it wasn’t too busy yet so managing childcare was okay. My parents have been helping me, and I’m very grateful.

There are two co-founders in the business, and my off-shore partner is a good friend from university. We share the same beliefs and eventually started this events management and marketing consultancy firm together.

How are you managing the campaign period and being a single parent? Are your parents helping as well?

I try to find pockets of times to spend with my son, especially in the mornings and after work. When I’m at work, my parents care for him. My son and I also have dinner together.

Kevryn Lim, single mums in Singapore

Little Niklas enjoys playtime with his friends. Credit: Kevryn Lim

As he’s an only child, I do try to meet my friends who have kids so the children can play together. On Saturdays, it’s usually myself and him, along with my friends. On Sundays, we usually spend it with my family.

So, how did things take a turn that led her to take the route to be a single mum in Singapore? Read on to find out Kevryn Lim’s story.

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