Reader advice: Keeping track of your menstrual cycle

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A reader has been having trouble conceiving and wonders if it has to do with regulating her menstrual cycle. See what our mummies have to say about it. Read on for copious tips! Follow the conversation below...


Keep track of your menstrual cycle

Reader Needs Help:

Me and my hubby are trying to conceive but we are having 
some problems.. I wonder if its cause we’re not doing it at the right 
time.. What methods did/ do you guys use to keep track of your menstrual 
cycle… I researched online and there are so many ways… I’m wondering which one 
is most accurate and reliable. Please advise me!!!!!

Mums speak out

Here are suggestions from our readers about monitoring your menstrual cycle and other tips to conceive.


Vevian Kwok: Me and my hubby tried for exactly 1 year and then got pregnant. I always keep track of my period. Like, doing it on the 3rd day onwards after my period ends. I cut down on caffeine.

Doing it with the right mood on helps a lot. While you are having sex, don’t think of doing it because you want to get pregnant. Stress is also one of the reasons why you might not be pregnant yet. Enjoy the pleasure and I’m sure you’ll get pregnant very soon. And oh, doing it in the air con room helps too.

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Stephanie Leong: Agrees with Vevian… I suggest to set the environment, you and hubby go away on a relaxing holiday on the days you’re fertile and just lay back and enjoy each other ^_^. Doesn’t have to be somewhere expensive, just away from the hustle and bustle… work, phones etc.

Azalia Huzaifah: I tested for my actual ovulation date, and did it. It worked after tracking a cycle! You can buy cheap test kits online from ebay, it’ll be less than $1 (inc shipping) per piece and they usually sell in bulk (25,50,100).Good luck!

Marjorie Gundran: My husbnd and I were also trying to conceive again, but..we havent …we failed.. my guess is to cut down few things on our lifestyle…and have a strict monitor on the monthly cycle.

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