Keeping off the calories with Smoothie King

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Smoothie King has finally decided to set up a chain in Singapore. While Smoothie King is certainly healthy, we are not so sure about its taste so we decided to check it out. Read on to find out what we think about it.

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Christmas is fast approaching and while you may be receiving some awesome Christmas gifts, you might also find yourself getting some unwanted ‘gifts’ as well. That’s right; we are referring to those extra calories from those sumptuous Christmas feasts which will be finding their way onto all the wrong parts of your body. As Christina Applegate once famously said in an episode of the classic sitcom ‘Friends’, ‘A moment on the lips, forever on the hips’.

So yes, it is perfectly normal to gain a few extra pounds during the Christmas season since the festive mood is probably going to increase your appetite. But there is no need to resign yourself to despair. We have a solution for you which doesn’t include you sweating your ass off at the gym (although that would really help too).

Smoothie King

Smoothie King has finally found its way to Singapore and its first store is opening at The Centrepoint, Orchard Road on 12th December. The 40-year old franchise has over 700 branches worldwide ranging from USA to South Korea and the chain currently has plans to open between 25 to 30 stores throughout Singapore in the next 3 years. They are no doubt ambitious but it is easy to see why they have so much confidence in finding success in Singapore. Health conscious Singaporeans will now have more healthy alternatives to choose from instead of always consuming chicken rice, laksa and other unhealthy local food. “Singapore is an important market fr us and we believe there is a huge appetite for the healthy smoothies and food for which Smoothie King has become famous for,” says President and CEO of Smoothie King, Mr Wan Kim. “We see many people in Singapore opting for healthier lifestyles where exercising and eating right are increasingly important to them. Healthy living and eating has been a hallmark of the Smoothie Kind brand since day one.”

The guys at Smoothie King definitely take their vision seriously as honestly, Smoothie King is so healthy it makes Subway look like junk food. Smoothie King has 27 different types of smoothies and each smoothie always contains less than 250 calories. These smoothies can be customised according to customer’s preferences. The smoothies are divided into 3 categories. First there is ‘Refreshing’ which, promotes overall health. Next is ‘Slim & Lite’ which facilitates weight loss. Finally there is ‘Nutritious Meals’ which contain a lot of protein. Apart from the smoothies which they are famous for, Smoothie King also serves a diverse range of wraps, tacos and salads which are all incredibly healthy.

Our review

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These are the event samples

We were lucky to be invited down to Smoothie King for a media event to try out their products. We decided to send out our sales team to check it out. They were served three of their popular smoothies, namely the Pineapple Pleasure (189 Cal), Banana Island (190 Cal) and Angel Food (194 Cal).

Pineapple Pleasure

The Pineapple Pleasure was the sweetest of the three smoothies served and belongs in the ‘Refressing’ category. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this smoothie contains a mix of banna, pineapples, mangos and soy protein. The pineapple flavour is very prominent which might explain why it was very sweet. Anyone with a sweet tooth should definitely try this out as it’s not often something sweet comes with so little calories.

Banana Island

Monkeys would go crazy over the Banana Island due to its banana flavour. It is made up of bananas and vanilla protein and helps to promote weight loss. They also noticed that the Banana Island has a protein shake aftertaste.

Angel Food

The ‘Angel Food’ smoothie is arguably the best smoothie and it is little wonder why it is their trademark smoothie. Made up of an almost equal proportion of soy protein, non-fat milk, bananas and strawberries, this smoothie is the must-try if you find the time to visit this store. ‘Angel Food’ is also another weight loss smoothie as it is under the ‘Slim & Lite’ category by the time you are finished with it, your taste buds will probably be in heaven.

Final verdict

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Our sales team final verdict on the 3 smoothies are as follows:

1st: Angel Food

2nd: Banana Island

3rd: Pineapple Pleasure

The smoothies come in 3 sizes, small, regular and large and are priced quite reasonably at $5.70, $6.70 and $7.70 respectively. They are very suitable to be drunk on the go as the cups prevent condensation so they are able to remain cold for hours. Overall, Smoothie King is highly recommended especially during this festive season as it will help to counter all the extra calories you will be gaining during your Christmas feasts.

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