Kate Pang reveals HOW her marriage with Andie Chen almost fell apart!

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Kate Pang reveals cracks in her relationship with Andie Chen we never knew existed! Read!

We tend to assume that celebrities lead a perfect life – fame, fashionable outings, cute kids and all.

Take the case of celebrity couple Kate Pang and Andie Chen – both are famous and successful in their own right, they have 2 adorable kids (Aden and Avery), and their very own family YouTube channel, “Kandie Family”.

You would think that all is sugar-sweet and “Kandie-floss” in their relationship, right?

Wrong. At least if you go by what Kate Pang recently revealed.

Kate Pang reveals cracks in her relationship with Andie Chen

We knew there was more than what met the eye when we read Kate Pang’s post on their anniversary recently.

She wrote that this year was the first time in 4 years, that the couple actually celebrated their wedding anniversary! 

She reveals, “Last month, when my hubby asked me to keep Nov 24 open, I even asked him, “What is it for?” Then I realised, “Wow, another year has passed”.”

“When we were dating, we could spend all day together and wouldn’t get sick of each other. After having kids, most of the time got dedicated to our kids and work.”

“We fell apart.”

Doesn’t their story sound familiar and oh-so-relatable? Isn’t it what most of us couples go through after having kids?

So how bad did things eventually get between Kate Pang and Andie Chen?

Kate Pang reveals HOW her marriage with Andie Chen almost fell apart!


Kate tells 8 Days, “We got into big fights over the kids. For a period of time, I was too focused on taking care of them and neglected him.”

“When the kids went to bed, I also went to bed or did my own stuff, without thinking about him. I also hardly spoke to him. That went on for quite a while.”

The couple apparently even felt like they weren’t in love anymore, “So he was unhappy for a very long time and I didn’t even realise it. Or maybe I felt a bit like he was behaving strangely but I [didn’t ask him about it].”

“We were having problems communicating even when Aden turned one plus. It was only in the recent one or two years that we started to communicate more. Things are better between us now. Before this year, it wasn’t.”

Thankfully, all seems to be well between the couple now, and cracks in their relationship have finally been fixed. 

Kate Pang reveals HOW her marriage with Andie Chen almost fell apart!


As Kate writes, “We found a way to love our kids without neglecting each other. Marriage does require hard work. Marriage, you really have to “manage”!”

And if you are wondering what they did to save their marriage, here it is:

  • Spent more time with each other: Kate tells 8 Days, “This year, we laid down a rule that we must set aside one day a week to go on a date — watch a movie, sing karaoke, anything.”

“We just felt like we needed couple time.”

“With the kids around, it’s very hard for us to do things that makes us have the feeling of being in love. So we had to force ourselves to be away from the kids temporarily.”

“During the day, Aden will be in school. So sometimes, we’d go for our date until 4 pm, then go fetch him home.”

Apparently Andie Chen decided to make this anniversary special, “He booked a hotel room for one night, and we went shopping the next day. If not, he wouldn’t give me any presents even if it’s my birthday.”

Kate Pang reveals HOW her marriage with Andie Chen almost fell apart!


  • Got more help: We all know how frustrating parenting can get, and most of the time, we mums are just too embarrassed about getting help. “If other mums can do it all, why can’t we?” is THE thought that makes us all feel a little inferior and guilty.

But as Kate learnt, things can get so much better with a little extra help, “We have two helpers at home now.”

  • Learnt to adjust and compromise: Kate reveals that both she and Andie are quite short-tempered, and they tend to argue easily, especially now that they are working together on Kandie Family, “Both of us insist on having our way. Both of us think our way is better.”

They have learnt to adjust a bit and compromise, “I think Andie’s more cultivated than I am, so no matter how angry he is, he’ll keep his cool and reason things out.”

  • Learnt to be grateful for one another: Ultimately, love conquers all, and with a few simple changes to their life, this couple are now back in love, more than ever!

They are also thankful for each other’s presence, and as Kate writes, “Thank you for your love even though I’ve made your life less than easy, and too serious at times. But right now I truly think I’m the happiest person in the world. Thank you my love!”

Andie shares her sentiments, “I’m proud we kept faith and soldiered on. Thank you for working tirelessly for the family, for trusting and allowing me to make decisions not based on money or fame but on love and passion.”

“You have no idea how proud I am of us.”

And now, we are totally melting. <3

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(Source: 8 Days)

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