Kate Pang and Andie Chen are expecting a baby girl

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The actress is delighted she's having a daughter because “Andie has two brothers and there’s just too much testosterone"!

Popular actress and host Kate Pang, who sadly suffered a miscarriage earlier this year, announced on Tuesday (15 December) that she is now in her second trimester of pregnancy.

Channel NewsAsia reports that the actress and her actor-husband Andie Cheng  could not be happier about this pregnancy. They are already parents to one-and-a-half-year-old son, Aden.

Pang reportedly said that she always wanted a daughter because ,“Andie has two brothers and there’s just too much testosterone", adding “I’m envious of Vivian Lai, who has two daughters. They do sweet things like make her dessert.”

She has also mentioned that motherhood will now take priority over work: “I’ve been on a break for a while, since my last variety show, Face Off, ended. I was supposed to do a travelogue series next year with Vivian Lai and Quan Yifong, but I won’t be doing that now.”

It looks like Baby Aden also is looking forward to welcoming his little sister, kissing his mum's tummy whenever he is asked "Where’s mei-mei?"

As for baby girl names, Chen reportedly has a few in mind, and all starting with the letter "A". However, the selection of their little girl's Chinese name will be decided by their elders.

Last year, Pang had an all-natural home birth in Taiwan, but doesn't plan on repeating this in Singapore.

She said, “In Taiwan, it’s easy to give birth at home. The midwife just comes to your house. It’s more troublesome here in Singapore. We researched it online and I think you need a lot of equipment, and it’s expensive.”

However, she hopes she can have another epidural-free birth the second time around as well.

The 31-year-old has admitted she's a mum who is in control. Her secret? “I counter his [Aden's] tantrums with joyfulness,” she said. “I even sing and dance. I’m a very over-the-top mother!”

We wish the couple all the best and we can't wait to see pictures of their little girl when she is born!

Images from Kate Pang's Instagram.

What do you think the couple's daughter's name will be? Any guesses? Let us know in a comment below!

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Paige Li