Kate Middleton would reportedly like a home birth for her third child

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What are the benefits she will get from this?

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton recently revealed to the world that she is pregnant with her third child, who will also be fifth in line to the crown. 

Showing yet again that she is on top of parenting trends, the duchess is reported to be thinking about a home birth.

She had previously wanted a home birth for her baby girl Charlotte, but decided not to, even though she carefully prepared for it. However, because she had smooth deliveries with both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Kate is reportedly pushing for a home birth again this time. 

A home birth would work for the duchess in more ways than one. It would protect her from the hundreds of paparazzi who would undoubtedly be gathered outside the hospital when she leaves with the new baby, much like they did after the births of George and Charlotte. 

A home birth would also enable her kids to meet their new sibling in the privacy of their own home - in essence, protecting them too. 

Kate is still in the early stages of pregnancy and is reportedly suffering from severe morning sickness, or Hyperemesis gravidarum. Her morning sickness was so bad that it even prevented her from accompanying little George on his first day of school recently. 

A royal tradition

If she is allowed to give birth to her third child at home, Kate would not be the first royal family member to do so. The Queen gave birth to all four of her children at Buckingham Palace, and and Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace in 1819.

Kate's wish for a home birth with her last child was reportedly taken so seriously that the route from Kensington to the hospital where she gave birth - St Mary's - was times, in case she had to be rushed there!

It looks like the duchess's wish just might come true this time around!

If you are considering a home birth...

1. Hire a certified nurse-midwife and an obstetrician with experience in home birth deliveries. Interview the prospective midwife who will assist you in the delivery. Get to know her and ask what you can do to cope with labour pains and other things you may need to know.

2. Prepare a back up plan. In case complications arise, you should have another plan to speed up your transfer to a nearby hospital.

3. Choose in advance a paediatrician to visit the baby within 24 hours after birth.  This is to ensure that the baby will not have any problem or complication.

4. Prepare the necessary equipment or materials for the procedure. Aside from the equipment that will be brought by the midwife or home birth attendant, you have to ask and prepare the other things that home birth will require.

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Reference: New Zealand Herald

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