Kate Middleton’s secret to “skinny” – breastfeeding!

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Her Royal Skinniness Kate Middleton says she breastfed her way back to a marvelously slim post-baby body. Is it true that breastfeeding can promote weight-loss in women? What you need to know is right here, so keep reading!

When Kate Middleton gave birth to her first child Prince George, she became the darling of the media for her amazingly slender post-baby body. Just look at this image below – there is absolutely no sign of a post-baby belly even though her little boy was barely 4 months old when this was snapped.

breastfeeding and weight-loss

Where’s Kate Middleton’s post-baby belly?

So what was Kate’s secret? Apparently, it’s breastfeeding!  According to The US Weekly, “Kate’s hardly done anything to lose the weight….(she’s) still breastfeeding and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off.”

Is breastfeeding really the answer to help shed those post-pregnancy kilos? Or is it just a statement circulated by health professionals to encourage mums to breastfeed?

As a breastfeeding mum myself, I have experienced both sides of the story with my sons. I breastfed my first-born for 2.5 years and within the first 8 months, lost all my extra pregnancy weight. In fact, I started losing too much weight so I actually had to increase my calorie intake.

My second son is now 19 months and still breastfeeding. Losing weight has been a slower process than than the first time round and I have to do other things like exercise and watch what I eat to maintain a healthy weight.

breastfeeding and weightloss

Can breastfeeding really help you shed those post-baby kilos?

I also spoke to some fellow mums about their experiences of breastfeeding and weight-loss. Here’s what they had to say:

“I didn’t lose weight till I stopped breastfeeding after 2.5years! Even then, its been a struggle. I’m happy for the mums who manage this but it wasn’t a priority for me so I’m happy to go slow on the return to my pre-pregnancy shape.” 

“I breastfed for 6 months only…and I did lose weight drastically. I don’t know if the weight loss was due to breastfeeding because after I stopped breastfeeding, I continued to lose weight quickly.” 

“I was at my heaviest when I was breastfeeding.  Needed all the extra fats and calories to make milk for the baby! Only shrank back to 46kgs when I stopped bf-ing. Different body types do things differently. So Mums who are bf-ing shd not feel bad if they aren’t losing baby weight.”

“I’m still breastfeeding my 11-month-old, and although some people believe that breastfeeding helps us lose weight faster, it doesn’t work for me. I’m hoping to get back to my exercise routine soon…as I think this is the only way that I can lose some weight. But I’m not really in a hurry to lose it all fast, will just take things as it comes.”

It looks like breastfeeding certainly helps some of us lose weight, while with others, it doesn’t really seem to have much of an impact.

What then, are the facts on breastfeeding and weight-loss? Find out on the next page!


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