A record number of Singaporean babies born in 2015!

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Singapore has seen a significant increase of birth rates last year, what could have contributed to such an increase?

It looks like 2015 was the year for babies in Singapore!

According to news reports and official statistics, the Jubilee Year ended with at least 33,793 new babies — the highest in 13 years.

This figure even exceeds the 33,238 births in 2012, the auspicious Year of the Dragon for Chinese births.

It is thought that the feel-good factor of the SG50 celebrations and enhanced parental perks brought about this very welcome baby boost.

Dr Kang Soon-Hock, head of the social science core at SIM University, stated that the bumper births are a sign that more young Singaporeans are starting to embrace marriage and parenthood. He added that previous parenthood benefits and earlier policy interventions have “laid the groundwork” for the changing mindset.

Singapore started to address the issue of low birth rates in 1987, and over the years has offered, among others, tax rebates, baby bonuses, priority in getting bigger HDB flats and subsidies at selected childcare centres.

The incentives for last year included doubling of the one-week paternity leave and an extra $2,000 in baby bonus.

Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo, who oversees population issues, welcomed the 1.8% rise over 2014. 

OF BABIES AND PRIORITIESAn estimated 33,793 #Singaporean babies were born in our Golden Jubilee! I am very encouraged…

Posted by Josephine Teo on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

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