5 Reasons why Joanne Peh’s parenting style is AMAZING!

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She may be Singapore's superstar but here are 5 reasons why actress Joanne Peh's parenting style is just as amazing! Read!

She is Singapore's superstar and also mummy to an adorable little girl. We are of course talking about the very gorgeous Joanne Peh, who is not just a talented actress, but a great mummy as well!

Here is why she has constantly amazed us with her parenting skills:

1. Teaching girl empowerment


Baby Qi is not yet 2, but mummy Joanne seems determined to instil the right values in her daughter. Just look at these 'girl empowering' books she has been ordering!

Clearly she wants her baby to have a mind of her own, and as she writes on Instagram, to know that "anything is possible, and that the greatest achievements are often met with much resistance."

2. Encouraging creativity and sensory play


Mummy Peh also seems to be one cool mama who doesn't mind the mess, as long as it's all contributing to her baby's learning and overall development.

In one Instagram post, she writes about sensory play, "We get goat's milk delivered every Friday so I always give her a sensory experience with the ice that comes with it. Today I got her to sprinkle some salt over the ice, added some food colouring and gave her a plastic spoon, toothpicks and a sheet of drawing block.

She practiced scooping the ice onto the paper and when she could pick up the ice with the toothpick, she used it like a paintbrush. Then she placed the ice on the drawing block and started to roll the ice around before flinging it back into the tray. It was messy, but I'm glad she had fun!"

3. No limelight for my baby!


This over-protective mum hasn't even revealed the real name of her toddler yet! She is always referred to as "Baby Qi" instead. And notice how mummy only puts up cleverly shot pics of the baby on Instagram, shot from behind, or from the top?

She was once quoted by The New Paper as saying, "She (Baby Qi) was born with both of us in the limelight. We want to give her the freedom to decide if she wants that kind of life." Thumbs-up, we say!

4. Strict about discipline


Mummy Peh might love her daughter to bits, but apparently, there is no compromise on discipline. According to The New Paper, she makes sure that Baby Qi (who can eat on her own), isn't allowed to leave the table until she finishes her food!

5. Stay away from those electronic gadgets!


In this age of electronic devices, when it's so tempting to let gadgets babysit your child, would you believe that Baby Qi has never even watched TV?!

Yup, mummy Joanne has been quoted by The New Paper as saying, "My baby has never seen an iPad or watched television." That is seriously AWESOME!

Also, did you know that Joanne is expecting baby No. 2 soon? Here's wishing this amazing mum a hassle-free pregnancy. To more joys of motherhood!

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(Source: The New Paper)

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