Jennifer Lopez admits it was not easy to forgive ex-husband Marc Anthony

Marc is the father of my children, and that's never going away. So, I have to work to make things right. And that is, by far, the hardest work I do.

Her 10-year marriage with singer Marc Anthony may have ended two years ago but Jennifer Lopez can still recall how difficult it was for her to be at peace with it.

“When my marriage ended, it was not easy to find forgiveness,” the 46-year-old singer/actress told W magazine. “It wasn’t the dream that I had hoped for, and it would have been easier to fan the flames of resentment, disappointment and anger. But Marc is the father of my children, and that’s never going away. So, I have to work to make things right. And that is, by far, the hardest work I do.”

forgiving ex-husband

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She boasts an enduring and ever-evolving career, but the mum-of-two has also overcome a lot in her personal life. “I’ve been in the grind and the game for a long time,” she says in the magazine’s May cover story. “At a certain point, people respect you when they see you fall down and get back up. The more you’re in this life, the more they celebrate your triumphs.”

She likes exceeding expectations: “People may now think I’m ‘nice,’ but they still act surprised when I’m smart,” she reveals. “I feel like I’m constantly having to prove myself. If a man does one thing well, people immediately say he’s a genius. Women have to do something remarkable over and over and over.”

She adds, “People underestimate me. They always have, and maybe that’s for the best. It’s fun to prove them wrong.”

She remains a romantic

She is currently dating actor Casper Smart and though she has had three failed marriages: she was married to Ojani Noa in the late 90s, and Cris Judd in the early 2000s before settling down with Marc in 2004.

But, through it all, she has not given up on true love.

“We got together and broke up and are now together again,” she told W magazine. “I still think about getting married and having that long life with someone. I love the movie ‘The Notebook.’ A dream of mine is to grow old with someone.”

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