Celebrity couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan announce their second pregnancy on Valentine’s Day!

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Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have announced their second pregnancy on Valentine's Day!

Fans of Mandopop star Jay Chou have been treated to a surprise this Valentine’s Day, by the star himself!

On Feb 14, he announced on Facebook and Weibo that, he and his wife, model Hannah Quinlivan, 23, were expecting their second child. He put up a picture, with the gorgeous couple on a boat, and Hannah in a bikini, revealing the baby bump.


The caption in Mandarin reads, “Valentine’s Day, time for mummy’s lover from her past life to come along.”

This apparently implies that they are expecting a boy, as there’s a Taiwanese expression which says that daughters are actually father’s lovers from past lives!

Rumours about the pregnancy had been floating around ever since Hannah reduced her public appearances, and was reported to have taken a break from work assignments.

The Jay Chou-Hannah Quinlivan love story

They first met when Quinlivan, then a budding starlet, was working part-time at a fashion store, Phantaci, partly owned by Chou. In the past, Mandopop King Jay Chou was infamous for dating many women, including Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou, but it was Taiwanese-Australian model Hannah Quinlivan, who floored him.

They have a huge 14 year age gap between them, but Chou has been quoted previously as saying, “my mental age is about the same as hers and we just get along like children.”

When he did propose to her, after dating for 4 years, she was so touched, she cried. The couple got married in a fairytale wedding ceremony in Yorkshire, Northern England, in January 2015.


They are proud parents of a daughter, Hathaway, who was born in July 2015. He had earlier revealed the special meaning their daughter’s name held: ‘Hathaway’, meant, Hannah (Quinlivan) + thaw (melt) + Jay (Jay Chou) = Hathaway.

Apparently, Hannah had once said she wanted to have 3 kids before she turned 25!

Here’s congratulating this couple on the happy news, and hoping for a fuss-free pregnancy!

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(Source: The New Paper)

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