Wedding bells for the third time for Jamie Yeo?

Wedding bells for the third time for Jamie Yeo?

Is Jamie Yeo going to be third time lucky in love and marriage? Going by her Instagram post, looks like wedding bells are ringing...

Singapore TV host, actress, radio deejay and model, Jamie Yeo, is going to get hitched soon, going by her Instagram post. The groom is her boyfriend of 8 months, British expatriate, Rupert.

Jamie, also mummy to a 7-year-old, announced the proposal and her subsequent acceptance through Instagram:


Yes. 💗

A post shared by Jamie Yeo (@iamjamieyeo) on

Aww..that was quite a lovely way to propose, wasn’t it?

Jamie replies through her caption, “Yes.”

Not her first marriage

If all goes well, this will be Jamie’s third marriage.

She was first married to SPH Radio’s One FM 91.3 DJ Glenn Ong in 2004, before they split in 2009. Years later, she was reported to have confessed to Today about it, “I don’t think I’ve said it before, but our break-up was my fault and I’m really sorry for it. You can put that down on record.”

Wedding bells for the third time for Jamie Yeo?


She later got married to communications agency boss Thorston Nolte, who is the father of her daughter, Alysia. The couple decided to part ways after around 4 years. Jamie has been quoted as saying, “There were some deep-seated problems that stemmed from our inherent personality differences.”

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“I was under so much pressure and I was crying so much that I had problems sleeping. I did everything I could to save [our marriage], but I’m sad to say that getting a divorce was our best option. I wish I could have been a good example to all the girls and women out there, but I just couldn’t. I have to think for my daughter and I have to be happy.”

Hopes more dad than ‘step dad’

39-year-old Jamie apparently met 38-year-old Rupert, consultant at a corporate risk management company, through dating app Tinder.

Wedding bells for the third time for Jamie Yeo?


Right now, Jamie hopes that her daughter will be able to see Rupert as more of a ‘dad’, than ‘step-dad’. Apparently, Alysia and Rupert get along really well, and Jamie has been quoted by 8 Days magazine, “Rupert helps Aly out with her with the homework. Recently, he went away on business, and she was sick, and she was like, “I wish Rupert were here.””

“Now, instead of calling me, she’s always calling him. Sometimes, she’d call me when I’m doing my radio show, and she’d be like, “Oops, sorry mama, I called the wrong person, I was gonna call Rupert.” She’d ask him, “Where are you? Are you gonna come home now?””

Wedding bells for the third time for Jamie Yeo?


Her words here are brimming with hope and excitement, “I’m looking forward to a future with Rupert. I just hope Aly will not be too scarred and I hope one day she will see Rupert as a father figure, because even though he’s not her real dad, he makes a far better father than a lot of other people know. He’s really, really dedicated. He’s very sweet, quiet and sensitive. He’s a great man and I’m lucky I have this chance.

That sounds so sweet. We sincerely hope that Jamie has found her happily ever after this time. Here’s wishing her a lifetime of love and happiness.

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(Source: Today, 8 Days)

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