The REAL Reason Why Jamie Chua Bought A $300,000 Heirloom For Her Daughter Calista Chua!

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We know her more as the Instagram superstar with a 700-square-foot closet. Who owns more than 200 Hermès bags. And over 300 pairs of shoes!

Yes, we are of course talking about Jamie Chua. Her 2 children, Cleveland and Calista are influencers and Instagram superstars themselves. 

It is not every day that we get to see the motherly side of this glamorous diva. In a recent interview however, she let her guard down and revealed her hopes and dreams for her daughter.

Jamie Chua’s Jewellery Gift To Daughter Calista Chua

Jamie recently revealed that she had bought a precious jewellery set for daughter Calista Chua’s future wedding, a decade ago!

And in true Chua style, expect something super-expensive.

Jamie revealed to Women’s Weekly, “I bought a heart-shaped solitaire pendant and matching ring for her future wedding a decade ago, when she was just nine years old.”

“I used my own savings because I wanted it to be my little gift for her, but at $300,000 it was definitely a big splurge.” 

Ah yes, that is indeed $300,000.

src=https://assets content/uploads/sites/12/2017/11/jamie chua daughter.jpg The REAL Reason Why Jamie Chua Bought A $300,000 Heirloom For Her Daughter Calista Chua!


It is endearing to see this mummy sharing her hopes and wishes for her daughter, “All my jewellery pieces will eventually be hers anyway, but this particular set is significant.”

“Personally, I don’t like heart-shaped stones but when I looked at my sweet little girl then, I thought the heart was so appropriate.”

And like all mums, Jamie hopes that her daughter will treasure this gift and pass it on to her daughter when the time comes.

“Why I have a lot of jewellery”

If you have always wondered about Jamie Chua’s excessive love for bling, she reveals the real reason.

“It’s my wish that Calista will pass on what I’ve given her to her daughter, too, and start a new tradition of leaving meaningful heirlooms behind because growing up I didn’t come from a rich family. We simply did not own jewellery.” 

“In a way, it’s why I have a lot of jewellery now, to make up for that lost time.”

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2018/05/jamie chua daughter 2.jpg The REAL Reason Why Jamie Chua Bought A $300,000 Heirloom For Her Daughter Calista Chua!


Meanwhile, what does Calista Chua think of mummy’s expensive gift? The youngster confesses, “I was very young when my mum bought this set for me, so I didn’t particularly appreciate the meaning behind it.”

“I’m not against inheriting her jewellery, clothes, or bags: It’s just not my style right now. I don’t like fancy things, but that might change when I’m older – I’ll probably cherish this jewellery set more then.”

“I don’t lavish them with gifts”

Her gifts may be super expensive, but Jamie Chua insists that her kids aren’t spoiled. She once told The New Paper, “If I pamper my kids by giving them extravagant gifts at the snap of my finger, they will grow up not learning anything.”

“I don’t want to spoon-feed them and watch them grow up to be overly dependent on their parents. It is not good.”

“I don’t lavish them with gifts. In fact, I always nag at them and tell them that they need to work hard to earn their own keep. I don’t want my children to laze around and think that money can just fall from the sky.”

“I want to do work and do business…Because I want my children to know that, “look, mummy works!””

(Source: Women’s Weekly)

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