If you are an IVF mum, the photo in this article will make you cry…

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It's poignant, it's powerful and it opens up a very important discussion on a topic many don't talk about....

IVF needles image

The IVF journey can be long, lonely and full of heartache.

In-vitro fertilisation, or IVF, is a procedure you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. I know this because I’ve been through three rounds of (unsuccessful) IVF*.

Three rounds of hormone injections, egg collection and embryo transfers traumatised my body. The agonising wait until I could take a pregnancy test, traumatised my mind. And the absolute heartache when I got my period each time, traumatised my heart and soul.

Needless to say, when IVF doesn’t work, the pain strikes at both physical and emotional levels. But when it does work, the joy is euphoric.

Because I know this, the image that you see below brought tears to my eyes because it’s such a powerful symbol of what a woman undergoing IVF treatment experiences in order to finally hold her little angel in her arms.

A very powerful image

This photograph first appeared on Sher Institute’s Facebook page and, “shows the true definition of love that went into making this baby girl.”

The picture shows a baby girl surrounded by hundreds of syringes arranged in the shape of a heart. The needles are symbolic of all the blood draws and injections the little girl’s mum, Angela, had to use over the year and a half it took her to conceive.

In an ABC News report, Angela’s doctor Molina Dayal said the number of syringes in the image are actually less than the amount that had to be used over the time it took Angela to become pregnant.

Angela, meanwhile, told ABC News: “The needles were the easy part. It was the emotional struggle, the ups and downs, that really took a toll. I’m single and waited a long time for a husband to come. And then by that time it was difficult to get pregnant.”

Why is Angela’s image so important for the IVF community and those trying to conceive? Find out on the next page.