In a bad mood! Irritability in pregnant women

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Don't ever say this out loud, but we know you're wondering: Why are pregnant women irritable. Well, give them a break — they're going through a lot!

This is a touchy subject…even for us. Pregnant women go through a lot — heck — they’re growing people, and that’s no easy task! (Remember that carefully, husbands.) Irritability in pregnant women is common…VERY common. But they can’t help it, seriously. Their bodies are playing host to a hormone festival, which means pregnant women can experience emotions (like irritability) at the drop of a hat and for no reason.

So, how do you get through this? Let’s see if we can help…

Why are pregnant women irritable?

Firstly: Don’t ever ask this question out loud because it is the number one way to make pregnant women irritable (even more so).

Irritability, depression, anxiety or mood swings are some of the emotional and mental states that most pregnant women experience. Due to an increased level of hormones, especially progesterone in the first trimester, pregnant women may become more irritable than usual. Emotional instability is hence a normal result of being pregnant, and it usually subsides during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Other factors that can lead to irritability while pregnant can be excessive nervousness and worrying about the outcome of the pregnancy. Being a first time mother can be a stressful period for some pregnant women, which leads to increased irritability or anxiety.

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