I had healthy glowing skin in just 60 minutes!

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Working mums, you want to rejuvenate your tired looking skin, but don't have the time? I tried out DRx Medispa's signature O2 Rejuvenate with Atoxelene treatment and ended up with instantly glowing skin in just one session!

Instant glowing skin – those are magical words for any woman.

For a working mum, with no time for herself, they are nothing short of a miracle.

As a working mum of a four year old, I am always so busy taking care of my family’s needs and work commitments that I barely ever get time for myself. One of the first casualties of this lack of “me-time” has been my beauty regimen.

It is hard for me to remember the last time I managed to get a peaceful pedicure, let alone a facial. This, with the hectic pace of my life has meant that I often end up looking more fatigued than I am. Friends and family tell me that I look tired (even when I am not!).

So when I heard that DRx Medispa has a facial that could instantly rejuvenate my complexion with just one session, my reaction was: Why not try it out?

I was pretty excited. Instant glowing skin without having to constantly make space in my non-existent free time? Definitely a must-try for me!

I called ahead and booked my appointment at DRx Medispa. The fact that it is located in the heart of the city meant that I could also get to it easily.

Glowing skin instantly

DRx Medispa offers busy mums the chance to have healthy and glowing skin in just one session.

A warm welcome sets the tone

On the day I was to go in, I got my errands finished in time and was super excited. I was really looking forward to my session.

A word of advice dear ladies, don’t confuse a Medispa with a regular day spa. While you head to a spa for a day out and for pampering, a Medispa is geared towards results.

It seemed to me that Medispas are actually ideal for busy mums like me — short on time and wanting immediate results.

At a Medispa you have trained and experienced therapists who administer the treatments. Typically, a Medispa uses higher pharmaceutical grade equipments and products and treatments are carefully designed by doctors.

But my welcome into DRx Medispa was warm and cheerful, unlike a visit to the doctors! I was greeted by the very helpful and charming receptionists who got me to fill out forms asking me about my medical and skin history.

With its ambient lighting, soothing music and comfortable massage chairs, the waiting area set the tone for the experience that was to come.

Instantly glowing skin

The therapist’s touch was firm yet comfortable, putting me at ease immediately.

The treatment begins

When being booked in for my appointment, I had opted for the 60 minute session of their multi-award winning O2 Rejuvenate with Atoxelene treatment. This facial treatment promised to make  my skin look healthy and rejuvenated in just one session.

So I stepped into the therapy room with great expectations.

After introducing herself and helping me settle in, my therapist briefly talked to me about the treatment process and gave me the chance to ask any questions that I may have had, putting me at ease immediately. I guess no treatment is going to work, if you are constantly stressed through it!

My therapist began by cleaning my face with a slightly creamy solution before lathering on a bubbly liquid. It was light and did not over-dry my skin.

Then she used what I can only describe as mini of vacuum cleaners all over my face. Needless to say, I wanted to know what that was all bout. My therapist patiently  explained that this technology helps to remove the dead skin cells.

Wow! Microdermabrasion without the strong chemicals and rough exfoliation! I was pretty happy. The pressure applied was firm but mild and gentle.

instantly glowing skin

This tiny facial ‘vacuum’ gently removed all the surface dirt and impurities

Next was the step I hate most during my facials – extraction. (Yes, I know. Me, you and tens of thousands of other women.) I was pleasantly surprised that it more painless than I had anticipated.

Read on to find out what I looked like at the end of my treatment! Did I have the instantly glowing skin?

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