Do you relate to THIS infographic on motherhood?

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Check out this infographic on motherhood. What is new motherhood like in your culture? Read to see if you can relate!

No matter where you reside in the world, new motherhood is a challenge. Mothers across all cultures can commiserate with the day-to-day struggles that goes into raising a little human. Yet despite our similarities, there are also differences in new motherhood traditions across the world.

For example, while new mothers in the Philippines sometimes feed newborns sugar water or formula, some Chinese mothers hold their babies only when they nurse them. Japanese mothers often get plenty of help from relatives after giving birth, while in Malaysia, mum and dad are often in charge of giving the baby massages after a bath.

What is new motherhood like in your culture? Check out the infographic below from Personal Creations, and see if you can relate!

New Mom Statistics


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