Is it safe for my baby to sleep with a stuffed animal?

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Sleeping with a favourite ‘blankie’ or stuffed animal is just one of those things we expect our kids to do because it's so adorable -- but is it always a good idea?

Why kids sleep with stuffed animals

Sleeping with a favourite stuffed animal, doll or blanket is nothing parents should be alarmed over. It brings security to a child. It helps them feel safe, not alone and it gives them something to look at, talk to or cling on to as they drift off to sleep.

Sleeping with a favourite stuffed animal isn’t going to cause problems with their orthodontia like prolonged use of a pacifier will and it certainly doesn’t make them weak. It’s just part of being a kid.  The real question though is what other kinds of dangers can it pose when it comes to infant safety?

When is it okay

One of the top questions parents ask when it comes to their children sleeping with a stuffed animal is when is it okay to let their baby sleep with a stuffed animal. ‘When should I allow my baby to start sleeping with their favourite toy?’ The answer typically given by paediatrician is 1 year to ensure infant safety.

One is the ‘magic number’ for sleeping with a stuffed animal and maintaining infant safety because:

  • When your baby reaches age 1, the danger of SIDS has passed
  • Your baby is mobile enough to roll over and is capable of moving objects out of their way
infant safety

SIDS is a very serious danger in the first year of a baby’s life

Why it’s not okay before 1 year of age

Babies should not be allowed to sleep with anything other than the bare necessities (cotton blanket) before one year of age in order to prevent SIDS and death by suffocation. Thousands of babies die each year as a result of SIDS. Thousands more die as a result of suffocation due to becoming caught up in blankets, moving to a position that buries their face in stuffed toys, pillows or blankets and then are unable to move. It is better to avoid any stuffed animals during this time to ensure infant safety.

Don’t force the issue

If you never put anything in the crib with your baby, they won’t know the possibility of doing so even exists. But by the time they are capable of thinking about the pleasures that come with snuggling with their best ‘buddy’ while going to sleep, the dangers of doing so won’t be present and it will be just fine.

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For more on infant safety while sleeping, watch this video:

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