Can you breastfeed your adopted baby?

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Have you ever wondered if mothers can breastfeed their adopted babies? Find out if this is humanly possible and if a baby can be sufficiently nourished by induced lactation.


Learn about induced lactation and breastfeeding adopted babies

Women who breastfeed infants who are not their own or adopted is getting common because of death or illness of the birth-mother. This also happens when the birth-mother gave over or shared the care of her baby with another woman. At times, this surrogate mummy may already be breastfeeding another baby and this leads to an increase in her milk supply due to the additional demand to meet the needs of two (or more) babies.

With considerable dedication and preparation, breast-feeding without pregnancy (induced lactation) might be possible.

Understanding induced lactation

Induced lactation is the action of ‘forcing’ milk supply in a woman by a means other than childbirth. Induced lactation is basically stimulation of the breast to produce milk.

Generations ago, allowing a baby to suck was the only means of stimulating the process. This usually was done when the infant was not hungry, but rather as a means of pacification for the baby.

Today, mothers in the adoption process begin stimulating their breasts months in advance using breast pumps. By pumping multiple times a day for several weeks, most adoptive mothers will find they are producing small amounts of milk by the time their baby arrives.

Doctors have also been known to prescribe hormones to raise a mother’s hormone levels to that of a term-pregnancy in an effort to raise the amount of milk being produced.


Induced lactation is possible

Why induce lactation?

The reasons behind inducing lactation when you are an adoptive mother are many. Some mothers want to provide the proven health benefits of breast milk to their child who was previously in an environment that was less than optimal. Others are adamant that the experience will create a deeper bond between them. And still others just crave the experience.

Read on to find out how you can induce lactation.

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