The ULTIMATE infographic guide to indoor playgrounds in Singapore!

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That's right, our all-encompassing guide to indoor playgrounds in Singapore, the infographic way! Check it out!

So, school holidays are almost here, and the kids have already started rehearsing the dreaded ‘B’ word! If you are in no mood to brave the sun, or the rain, and would much rather prefer the predictable, air-conditioned indoors, may we suggest that you check out our super-huge list of indoor playgrounds in Singapore?

Meanwhile, a gentle reminder when in indoor playgrounds:

  • In case of little kids: Never leave them alone in the playgrounds, without parental supervision. This is for the child’s safety; they may not even be able to talk or communicate their needs well.
  • For bigger kids: Make sure you check the policy of the playground in advance. Do they offer child minding facilities? Also, remember to inform the staff if you do intend to leave. Let your child know of your plans and give clear and concise instructions.

We have our big fat list in here, in infographic form, so go ahead, save them on your phones or stick them on your fridge, for a quick glance later. We also have them split up into zones – north, east, west and central – for you, so choose your pick!

Address, opening times, phone numbers…we have done quite a bit of homework on this one. Do give it a dekko, and let us know if we missed any out!

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