5 fun tips to improve your kid’s handwriting outside of the classroom

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Fresh air, the great outdoors and some fun tips take helping your little one work on his penmanship skills to new levels! Read on, mums…

improve kids handwriting

Is your child spending enough time outdoors?

There’s no doubt about it – the lives we led as children are quite different to what our own children experience today. Handwriting and outdoor play are just two examples.

When you were young and in school, handwriting most likely was an area that was focused on to a great extent. These days though, our kids live in a world where communication is done more via email and text messages than handwritten letters or notes.

Technology, with all its benefits, is also increasingly confining our children indoors. Our children are more likely to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly online rather than seeing it for real.

Penmanship skills are falling prey to typing skills and kids are doing their learning indoors more than outdoors. But handwriting is still an essential educational tool and where do we even start on the benefits of outdoor learning?

Would you like to help your little one brush up on his handwriting skills in a fun way that also promotes bonding between the two of you outside the confines of four walls? We give you some great ideas to improve your kids’ handwriting.