The most important meal of the day can be fun with this awesome Despicable Me 3-inspired recipe

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Change things up and make your child’s breakfast time fun with this exciting Despicable Me 3-inspired recipe! Presented by Magnolia.

We all know that breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day. When you have a good breakfast, you’re giving yourself (and junior!) a great start to the day. You will be well prepared for any challenges the day throws at you once you’re fuelled up for it.

In fact, the benefits of having regular breakfast consumption for better productivity have been affirmed by research studies.

Consuming a good breakfast on a regular basis has been associated with lower risk of obesity among children (Journal of Rural Medicine, 20141) and has shown to improve cognitive performance (Nutrition Research Review, 20092).

Of course, the benefits are not just exclusive to children. Adults who consume a good breakfast everyday are likely to find themselves in better moods (International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 20093), which then leads to higher productivity at work (Academy of Management Journal, 20114).

But a good breakfast doesn’t mean hitting the closest fast food joint! Choosing the right type of breakfast matters. Consuming a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast that combines whole grains, dietary fibres, proteins and vitamins matters a lot, too! That is why milk should be a staple at breakfast.

Why milk should be a staple at breakfast?

Milk is an excellent source of calcium for optimal bone health. But that is only one of its benefits. It also contains protein, essential minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, as well as Vitamins A and B.

With its concoction of nutrients, drinking milk every morning is perfect to kickstart your daily nutritional intake. Not only does a hearty breakfast complete with a glass of milk help in enhancing body metabolism (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 20145) and boost cognitive performance amongst children (Frontiers in Human Neurosciences Journal, 20136), a serving of milk is thought to increase perception of satiety, resulting in decreased calorie intake in the subsequent meal (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 20097).

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To celebrate MAGNOLIA’s 80th anniversary of providing families with optimum nutrition through the goodness of milk and to make your mornings even more enjoyable, here’s a super fun, Despicable Me 3-inspired milky breakfast recipe by Bento Monster for you and junior to enjoy.

Just follow these steps and you’re on your way to the coolest Despicable Me 3-inspired breakfast ever!


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