Mamasutra II: The illustrated post-natal sex position edition

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Browse through this beautifully illustrated gallery for post-natal sex positions that will help mums (and dads!) get back into the swing of things! *NFSW

Is it painful just thinking about sex after having a baby? Or maybe you’ve tried once or twice and have decided to call it quits because this new kind of ‘first-time’ sex was just too uncomfortable.

Mums, we’re here to tell you that post-natal sex, or sex after delivery doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable chore to please your partner. You can make it pleasurable for both of you when the time is right to resume sex again.

This gallery takes you through 7 sex positions especially suitable for mums and dads trying out sex for the first time after the birth of their baby.

1. Good old missionary

This is a great position to test your levels of pain or comfort while having sex for the first time after having your baby. It’s also a good one for mums feeling self-conscious about their post-baby body.

But pelvic floor physiotherapist Julia Di Paolo cautions that C-section mums should probably avoid this position as it can put pressure on the stitches.

Also, hubby’s weight may put too much pressure on the clitoris and/or perineum, which may cause discomfort.

Note to hubbies: If you and your wife have decided this is the post-natal sex position for you, remember not to put your full body weight on her. Try using a soft pillow between you and your wife to cushion your weight.

2. Spooning

As you can see in the image, spooning involves penetration while lying side by side (you could do this facing, or turning away from each other).

This position is great for C-section mums as it protects your tummy during sex, and keeps pressure off your scar.

Spooning also lets you control the speed and depth of penetration, helping you keep sex pain-free and enjoyable.

3. Mum on top

This position is fun for mums (okay, dads too) because they get to be in control of the entry speed, level of penetration and speed of thrusting.

This is a good ‘first time after baby’ position, as it also puts less physical pressure on mum’s body.

Dads, remember: you may be tempted to touch those gorgeously full breasts that are in such close proximity to you in this position. But do keep in mind that if your wife is breastfeeding, her breasts may be very tender and even painful. So ask before touching, please!

4. Doggy style with pillows

This position involving a slight variation of the doggy style, is another good one for C-section mums, because they don’t bear the full brunt of dad’s body weight.

Just stack a pile of soft pillows as support, and for comfort, under your tummy. Dads, remember not to thrust too forcefully, as this may cause pain to your leading lady.

5. Bed-edge

This is a great position for keeping pressure off the top half of mum’s body.

Mums, you just need to scoot the bottom half of your body all the way to the edge of your bed. This way, your partner can stand or kneel while avoiding putting pressure on your body.

6. Couch crunch

This position helps mums avoid too much pressure and contact. You just need to climb on the couch, rest your arms on the back, while kneeling on the cushions, allowing your partner to enter from behind.

Think of it as a more upright doggy-style position.

7. Hand and mouth

Don’t fret if you have tried all these positions and sex is still too uncomfortable for you.

It probably means that your body is still not ready for it and you still need time to heal.

You can still engage in oral sex or manual stimulation until you are fully healed. You might even enjoy ‘going back to basics”!

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