Husband jumps to death in Singapore, wife found murdered

Husband jumps to death in Singapore, wife found murdered

A husband has jumped to death in Singapore. His wife was later found murdered. What actually transpired between the two?

In what looks like a case of marital strife gone all wrong, Mr.Wang Chan Foo, 46, jumped to his death, at Novena Suites, Moulmein Road, on Saturday evening. What’s more, the body of Ms.Ng Soo San, 44, believed to be his estranged wife, was found later on, in a bedroom of his flat. It is understood that she was stabbed to death.

They tried to stop him

The Straits Times reports that, Mr.Wang was seen standing on the balcony parapet for some time, before he made the fatal fall. His neighbours were reported to have tried to help him, and prevent him from doing anything drastic, but to no avail. His leap to death happened when the Singapore Civil Defence Force was setting up an inflatable life pack.

Mr.Wang, a stock investor, and Ms.Ng, a part-time accountant, leave behind 2 children, aged 7 and 13. The kids had gone for tuition somewhere nearby, when the incident occurred. One also hears that Mr. Wang had called the kids after the death of Ms. Ng.

Police have classified the deaths as unnatural and investigations are pending.

Husband jumps to death in Singapore: What we think

Anything that we say now will purely be based on an assumption, hence we shall refrain from any sort of judgement. Our heart bleeds though, for the two little kids, who have suddenly found themselves in the midst of a huge storm. Adults may sometimes find it hard to get along together, and decide to part ways. But little kids surely don’t deserve to bear the brunt of their separation.

Co-parenting tips for divorced parents

Talking to your ex, and making shared, mindful decisions together, might be unimaginable for many divorced parents. However, effective co-parenting can bring back a lot of stability and calm into your children’s lives. Here are a few pointers:

• Let your past remain in the past 

Your children come first. Leave the negativity behind and learn from the lessons of the past. It’s normal to feel angry, but don’t let your anger dictate your actions.  Use your children as motivating factors to work co-operatively with the other parent.

• Don’t pass messages through your children

You don’t need your child to tell something for you. It puts them directly in warzone. Keep your child out of your relationship issues. All forms of communication must be directly between the parents.

• Your problems are your own

Avoid criticising your ex in front of the kids. It makes them feel insecure, like they have to choose between the two of you.

jumps to death in Singapore

• Focus on communication

Think of your relationship with your ex as a business, where the business refers to your child’s well being. Your child should be at the focal point of all conversations.Be formal and polite. Weigh your words before you speak. Listen to understand, never to judge. Hard as it may seem, try not to overreact.

• It’s never too late to say sorry

Apologising for something always dilutes negativity. You may even start to view your ex as less of an enemy.

• Medical needs

Keep one another in the loop when it comes to the kids’ medical conditions and doctors’ appointments.

• Education

Both parents deserve to know about their kids’ progress in school, and their extra curricular activities. Make sure that your ex is also invited for your child’s Annual Day or Sports Day. Avoid making it look awkward for your kids.

• Draft that will

Get the help of a lawyer and draft your will.Your last will and testament is a document that designates what happens with your property and who gets to look your children after you are gone. It also names the person (executor) who carries out your wishes after you die.


Source : The Straits Times

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