Huggies® Ultra Newborn Diapers – Trusted protection for your precious baby

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Find out about all the ways Huggies® Ultra Newborn diapers can keep your little one dry, comfortable and safe from diaper rash...

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Your new baby is a perfect miracle! It’s natural you’d only want the best of care for her!

Congratulations, Mummy! You’ve just given birth to a beautiful new baby! Look at your precious little newborn — isn’t she just perfect?

Those tiny toes and fingers, that unbelievably soft skin… as a mum, all you want to do is protect and nurture this tiny baby of yours — and this means using only the best of everything for her care.

Protecting your newborn’s delicate skin — especially her diaper area — is extremely important. Because the skin on her peachy little bottom is super-soft and especially sensitive, it is susceptible to conditions such as diaper rash if the area becomes overly wet and moist.

Diaper rash, if allowed to develop, can be quite painful for your little one and may result in unnecessary trips to the doctor. If the condition gets worse, it may even require medication.

Given this, it’s normal that new mums will explore all options to prevent diaper rash from developing in the first place.

Mums, did you know that the quality of the diaper you use can actually play a big role in preventing this irritating condition from developing?

Introducing New Huggies® Ultra Newborn Diapers!


Huggies® has been looking after babies for years, so they know how to give you products that meet both you and your baby’s needs.

You’ll be glad to know that Huggies® have put their finest technology and most innovative new features into Huggies® Ultra Newborn Diapers.

It’s the diaper more Singaporean mums trust to keep their babies more comfortable, healthier and happier — so they can be assured their baby is getting the best care possible.

With all the features included in Huggies® Ultra Newborn diapers, it’s no wonder that they are used in all major maternity hospitals in Singapore¹ and is the newborn diaper brand most trusted by Singaporean mums².

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