Child's health: HPB’s HealthHub app takes care of the little things when it comes to your child’s health

HPB’s Health Hub app is designed to help you streamline managing your family’s healthcare so you can spend time focusing on what matters-- spending quality time with your family.

How many times have you had the experience of rummaging through your night table or office cabinet trying to find a specific piece of paper? Every time it happens, you dream of a day when all your files and important documents are neatly organized but at the same time resign yourself to the fact that you’ll never have the time to actually make that happen.

child's health

While we can’t offer you a solution for all of your documents, but HPB’s HealthHub app can at least help you with keeping your children’s health records organized.

With the Children’s Health part of the app, parents can easily access their children’s health records without the hassle of having to find the physical copies of the immunization record or other paperwork.

child's health

Some of the E-Services offered within the Children’s Health section of the app include immunisation records from the National Immunisation Registry, Lab Test Results and Discharge Information from any visits to public hospitals.

child's health

It’s helpful for your children’s school teachers as well with services displaying your child’s school health and dental records, reminder letters for physical fitness tests and even allows parents to control consent for their child to receive health and dental services while at school.

The app gives you the convenience of having all of this health information in a digital format that you can carry everywhere and easily reference. Instead of having to carry the bulky Baby Health Booklet everywhere, all of the information is stored on your phone.

child's health

Earlier we mentioned the convenience of not having to waste time searching for paperwork, but any parent who’s experienced an emergency situation will tell you, having an app like this helps manage some of the stress associated with a serious situation.

In the event of a medical emergency, you will obviously take your baby to the hospital nearest to you, where they may not have access to the records. This issue is exacerbated if you’re traveling abroad. With the app, you can just show the records to the medical staff and this will give them a better picture of your child’s health situation then if you were trying to explain it from memory.

Mums and dads will also appreciate other features in the app such as the Milestone Tracker to track developmental milestones until the age of 6 and the Growth Charts to measure your children’s height until they’re 18 years old (hard to imagine, we know!). Finally, the app also contains a comprehensive resource bank full of articles about child development.

child's health

To access the Children’s Health section of HPB’s HealthHub app, you can download it for Apple or Android, or visit the site here and simply use your SingPass to log in and access your records. If you have any trouble accessing the app, please contact HPB at [email protected] or call them at 1800 225 4482.