How Trichology can boost the health of your Scalp and Hair

How Trichology can boost the health of your Scalp and Hair

Learn the beauty benefits of having a healthy scalp as mum and blogger Jamie Koh shares her scalp treatment experience at TrichoKare.

How Trichology can boost the health of your Scalp and Hair

  • Trichology is the study of the health of hair and the scalp.
  • A trichologist often takes a holistic approach to treating your hair problems which involves taking into account of your lifestyle, diet and general well-being.
  • Trichologists treat a wide range of common hair problems such as thinning, breakage, shedding, dry or itchy scalp, etc.

Why consult a trichologist? The reason is simple. Our scalp is often neglected but we fail to realise that the scalp is a part of our skin and a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. A trichologist can identify problems with your hair and scalp and implement the appropriate treatment to solve the issue. Common problems include hair loss, hair fall and eczema on the scalp.

There are tons of hair care products available but the hair care product which you are currently using may not be able to solve your hair problems. For example, I shampoo my hair daily and rub hair tonic into my hair each morning. However, I didn’t know what was wrong with my scalp until I visited TK TrichoKare.

Established in 2004, TrichoKare has come up with customised hair treatments which have won a multitude of awards including:

– Her world Spa Awards 2016 Reader’s Choice for Damaged Hair
– Elle Beauty Treat List
– Bazaar Hair Awards 2016
– The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016 Winner


What’s the difference between going for hair treatments at a hair salon and TrichoKare? The main difference is that treatments at hair salons are not customised and may not be suitable for everyone. The other difference is that TrichoKare uses only European herbal remedies which are nutritious for the scalp instead of formulations containing harsh chemicals.

TrichoKare hires qualified trichologists to serve its clients and it uses European herbal hair remedies customised to suit different hair and scalp conditions. Pooja, my trichologist, explained to me that my scalp was generally in good condition but it was greasy and clogged up with sebum. Women are affected by plenty of hormonal changes (monthly periods, pregnancy and stress) which leads to various hair problems.

picture1When the pores of the scalp are clogged, it can’t absorb nutrients as well. Even if we go to hair salons for treatment, our clogged pores would not be able to fully absorb the nutrients if it is not cleared up. Over at TrichoKare, they use European herbal remedies which are free of harsh chemicals and do a hair mask before treatment to clear the clogged pores for better absorption.

The treatment included soothing head massages and a heated shoulder herbal pad to relax tension and stiff muscles. This is because stress also affects our scalp! It’s the same logic with facial pimples popping out when we are stressed.




The treatment is all rounded and the last stage includes zapping off bacteria for the cleanest possible scalp!


The results are obviously visible and remarkable – my scalp is much cleaner after the accumulated sebum clogs were removed and the pores also opened up. Open pores on our scalp are a good sign because conditioners and treatments will be able to penetrate the scalp to moisturise it.


My hair felt cleaner and lighter after the treatment.

Want to get your hair treated with TrichoKare’s proven formula? TrichoKare has helped celebrity such as Xiaxue solve her hair problems. Many other clients have also benefited from TrichoKare’s treatments which promote healthy hair growth while preventing hair fall and hair loss.


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