Learning how to help your children survive an airplane ride

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Long or short, airplane can be a pain for anyone, especially parents with little kids. Read more on how to trick children into surviving an airplane...

trick children into surviving an airplane ride

Don’t feel like going on vacation because of the plane ride over with kids? Let us tell you how to trick children into surviving an airplane ride

If it were up to parents, their children would never step inside an airplane until they turn 18 years old. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. In reality, out-of-country vacations need to be spent, relatives from other side of the world need to be visited and children must ride airplanes to get somewhere.

Before you travel via airplane, you need to learn how to trick children into surviving an airplane ride though and that’s just the honest truth. Here are some tips on flying with kids:

Before the flight

  1. Plan ahead of the flight – Book seats that are located at the back of the plane so you’ll be disturbing less people, plus your seats will be close to the toilet. If the plane has bulkhead seats with bassinets, ask to be seated there. More importantly, ask if you and your children can board the plane ahead of everyone to avoid any hassles.
  2. Pack light for the flight – Make sure to pack light and this goes for everyone in the family who is travelling. Stick to backpacks and cross-body bags as carry-ons. This will keep your hands free to hold your children, grab things from your bags, or hand out your passports and tickets to airline personnel.
  3. Exhaust energy  before the flight – As soon as you arrive at the airport, ask if there is a playground or centre that your kids can play in before your flight. If there isn’t one, let them run up and down empty corridors or climb on empty seats. This will help in exhausting all their energy and making them tired enough to sit for hours or take a nap on the plane. This is definitely one effective way to trick children into surviving an airplane ride.
  4. Be prepared for the flight – Combine all the necessary children’s items in one bag. It should contain small plastic bags, assorted medicine, numerous diapers (if needed), extra sets of clothes, baby wipes, and face towels meant to be used during emergencies. Pack several toys (new ones are recommended) as well as various non-messy snacks and water/drinks to provide entertainment and distraction during the flight.

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