How to teach your child the alphabet the fun way!

How to teach your child the alphabet the fun way!

Boost up the fun when you teach your child the alphabet with these tips.

Toddlers have short attention-spans and the only way around it is to keep activities fun and varied. Teaching the alphabet is no exception to the rule.  Your child can either be eager to learn or might require more encouragement. Whatever the situation, here are some ideas for you to teach your child the alphabet using fun and effective methods.

1. Read to your child

Reading to baby

Parents who read to their children from birth usually have it a little easier. But don't worry if you didn't, it is never too late to start reading to your child. Start now. Find some fun board books with large print and simple stories. For instance, the Spot series, any of the Sesame Street books, Clifford etc are all good starting points. Your local library has many popular early reader books to experiment with so you'll have lots to choose from. Be animated when narrating the story and use your fingers to follow the text as you read (karaoke style) and point out several letters while reading. Ask your child to say the letter or word out loud to increase recognition.

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2. Matching letter game

matching letters game

Matching letters isn't just a fun way to teach your child the alphabet, it also enhances memory. Cut out cards and write each letter twice on one deck. Scatter the cards (face up or down) and ask your child to look for a pair of letters. If your child is looking for the letter B, say “B” its phonic equivalent repeatedly until the appropriate card is found.

3. Foam letters

foam alphabets

Teach your child the alphabet by handing out small foam letters. Allow your child to stick or place a letter on the different objects found at home. The placed letter should coincide with the name of the object. Assist your child if some letters are tricky or if confused about the name of an object. You can buy foam letters from Toys R Us or Mothercare stores

4. Alphabet hop

alphabet hopTeach your child the alphabet through play by hopping and jumping. Using a chalk, write 5 different letters on the sidewalk. When you say a particular letter, your child must jump unto where the letter is. This activity is perfect for toddles are full of energy and can’t sit still.

5. Alphabet cookies

Ask help from your child to bake alphabet cookies. Let your child to use the alphabet cutters while saying the specific letter. Once the cookies are baked, ask your child what letter should be decorated first. Make it game while serving the cookies – your child can only eat a cookie when she can identify the letter on it.

6. Alphabet song

Singing the alphabet song over and over is one of the surefire ways to teach your child the alphabet. The song is catchy and easy to memorize. Sing the song together while in the car, in the bathroom or while reading. Also, grab a book to point out the appropriate letters while singing the song.

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How did you teach your child the alphabet? Were you more conventional in your teaching or did you take the fun route too? We’d love to hear from you.

Watch this video if you want to learn how another parent teaches her son the alphabet:

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