How to raise a bilingual kid

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How can parents boost their children’s knowledge and skills of a second language? Here are excellent tips to follow.

nerdy boys readingKid’s are like sponges. It is amazing how they can soak up loads of information and develop phenomenal learning capacity that the average adult cannot do. So when it comes to language acquisition, adopt these clever techniques in honing your child’s skills to become a bilingual kid.

1) Join a bilingual playgroup

Allow your child to join in a playgroup or any learning situation where other kids speak the second language. He or she can learn best in a fun, laid-back, normal environment where there are many children of different ages.

2) Read to your child

Start reading for your bundle of joy as soon as he or she arrives and don’t stop even until he or she is able to do it on his or her own. In fact, you should even encourage questions, comments, and suggestions while reading together.

3) Make it fun!

Second language fluency can be supported by surrounding your child with games, television shows, and other learning tools that build up the vocabulary, provide grammar rules, and enhance other pertinent language skills.

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