How to get your child to do their homework — Tips for Singapore parents

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We share 3 simple but effective tips to get your child to do their homework without any fuss.

trick your child to do homework

Tired of battling your child everyday to get them to do their homework? Check out these 3 ways to get your child to do their homework immediately!

Homework. The word that every child dreads hearing as the bell is about to go off to signal the end of lesson.

You’ve probably found yourself wondering: how do you change that intrinsic dislike towards homework to a positive attitude?

Well, wonder no more as we share some tips on how to get your child to do their homework without all the whining and drama.

Set clear expectations

Most kids do not understand the importance of homework as well as what is expected of them. Thus, it is important that you set out clear guidelines and expectations at the start of every school year.

One way to get your child to do their homework and meet the expectations that have been set is to involve them in the process. Parents can set these expectations together with their kids’ input.

Set clear expectations of what your child should do in terms of her schoolwork, including her homework.


A concrete example of such expectations could be this: 85% of all homework assignments must be completed on time with a C or better grade.

This goal or expectation should then be written, preferably in your child’s own handwriting, and then signed by both parents and child.

This agreement should then be placed in your child’s room or over the study room where both you and your child are constantly reminded of the homework expectations.

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