How to get your child to ditch the blankie

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Do you know how to get rid of your child’s blanket? Read this article to learn the techniques.

Most children have a security object – a pacifier, stuffed toy or a blanket like Linus from The Peanuts comic strip. Boy, did that blankie stay with him for the longest time…

get rid of your child's blanket

While clutching a blanket may seem like a harmless habit and an easy way to let your kid comfort himself, it gets a little awkward when Junior insists on not leaving the home without it – even when he starts going to school. So how can you really get him to let it go for good, amidst a barrage of tears and screams?

Take it slow

Start with telling your child that the blankie needs to stay at home or in the bedroom whenever he goes outside the house. If this suggestion is met with resistance, set up a bargain. Suggest taking the blanket but it would not leave the car. If lounging around the house, take the opportunity to wash the blanket (in a leisurely manner). A few blanket-less hours per day could help your child become less reliant on its presence, slowly but surely.

get rid of your child's blanket

Bringing a keychain, bracelet or something small may offer an alternative form of security than his long-time stuffed toy.

Offer an alternative

If your child is already going to school, make it an opportunity to get rid of the blanket by offering an alternative. Instead of taking the blanket with him at school, let your child bring a small photo of the blanket instead. Seeing the blanket, even in a photo, reduces the separation anxiety. For girls, a charm bracelet, small stuffed animal keychain or handkerchief make for good replacements. For boys, a face towel, bead bracelet or fun printed socks are appropriate alternatives. When your child comes home, reassure him that the blanket is safe and will always be safe even if left inside a closet.

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