How to design a baby’s nursery: 10 basic tips

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If you're wondering what it takes to design a baby's nursery, this article is perfect for you — read on for 10 basic tips that will make this task a whole lot easier for you!

design a baby's nursery

Find out the basics on how to design a baby’s nursery.

You don’t have to be an architect to design a baby’s nursery. Planning for and designing your little one’s nursery can actually be an exciting time, especially since you get to be creative with shopping and designing.

To be able to design a baby’s nursery is any parent’s dream, but it always comes with a lot of apprehension and uncertainty. These tips will not only ensure that your baby’s nursery is inviting, functional and safe, but will also assure you that you’re headed in the right direction.

1. Choose a location

When choosing a room to convert into a nursery, ensure that it is far away from tons of movement and prying eyes. You don’t want to allow every passing individual to see your baby, right?

If you can, choose a room that’s at the back of the house. Keep windows closed at all times, or put in some safety bars if ventilation is an issue.

2. Plan a layout

Draw on a dry erase board and plan the layout of the room. Find out where you want to put in furniture and storage units.


Try to plan the layout of the nursery in advance.

You might also consider putting a single bed for a parent to sleep in whenever the baby is ill. If the space of the room still allows it, consider putting in a closet too.

3. Group things together

Make sure that the layout of the room is practical and allows similar things to be placed near each other. You don’t want to place the garbage can or diaper storage too far from the dressing/changing table.

It may not seem much, but a few steps make a big difference when it gets chaotic with the baby.

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