How to conceive a baby girl

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There is no doubt that all babies are a miracle and, in the end, it doesn't matter what gender you conceive. But, if you've always dreamt of a little princess to dress up, then here are some tricks you can try.

conceiveNo doubt babies are precious gifts and should be cherished by their parents regardless of their gender. But, if you’ dream of having an angelic baby girl to dress up or simply want a break from the bevy of boys you’’re surrounded with, here are tips and tricks to tilt the odds in your favour.

How to conceive a baby girl? Timing is everything!

Women who conceive early on in their ovulation window (about three days before ovulation) are more likely to have a baby girl. This is down to the female producing sperm (X-chromosome) being more durable and able to last longer to wait for an egg.  Male producing sperm (Y-chromosome), albeit faster, are weaker and thus more likely to die off instead of waiting around patiently for a ready egg.

Use the ovulation calculator on this page to find out when your ovulation window occurs.

Use shallow penetrating positions

Once you’’ve determined the strengths of female producing sperm, it’’s easy to use this information to your advantage. Be sure to try shallow penetrating positions (like the missionary position) to ensure that the male producing sperm die out during the long journey through your reproductive tract. This will ensure that female producing sperm will be the last ones standing when they finally reach an egg.

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