Finding the perfect way to monitor your baby

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Do you feel the need to have an extra set of ears and pair of eyes to watch over your baby from afar? Find out how to choose the perfect baby monitoring device for your child's safety and your peace of mind!

choose a baby monitor

Find out how to choose a baby monitor the right way

As new parents, it’s natural and inevitable to be obsessed with the safety of a newborn whether they are in front of you or alone in their nursery. In which case, baby monitors come very handy and are a great piece of equipment that helps you keep tabs on your child even when you are not in the same room. The monitor emits sounds, shows videos or a combination of both to give you peace of mind while completing chores or spending quality time with other children or your husband. If you’re having trouble getting started on shopping for one, we give you great tips on how to choose a baby monitor for your bundle of joy.

How it works

A baby monitor is comprised of two receivers. One is usually placed near the baby while the other needs to be carried around by the parent. There are many kinds of baby monitors, such as audio monitors, video monitors, web compatible monitors and movement sensor monitors.

Audio baby monitors

This is one of the most basic types of monitors. As its name denotes, this type of monitor only transmits audio. An audio monitor is perfect for parents who rely on their child’s cries in order to distinguish the urgency of needs. Audio monitoring also makes it possible to perform other tasks as constant eye contact to the monitor isn’t needed.

Video baby monitors

Video baby monitors are the number one choice of parents who want to keep their eyes on their child constantly. This type of monitor can come with incorporated with audio if preferred.

choose a baby monitor

There are many kinds of baby monitors to choose from — it’s all about your requirements

Web compatible baby monitors

These are a perfect option for families that can’t be in the same place as the baby physically at certain times and have to frequently hire a baby sitter. With this type of monitor, grandparents and parents can simply log on the internet to check up on the baby and see if the sitter is treating their baby right.

Also, don’t forget about movement sensor baby monitors, which alert parents when the baby has ceased movement for more than 20 seconds. These monitors are quite helpful in preventing parents from worrying too much about SIDS.

Choose a baby monitor

With all the choices available in the market today, do you know how to choose baby monitor? The very first step in picking out a baby monitor is to determine how you’re going to make use of it in your home. Will you be mounting it? Do you plan on putting it in a general area? Are you going to bring the monitor wherever you go? Once you’ve answered these questions, you should be able to narrow down your options. Remember, price, sound, sound quality, user-friendliness and portability are the top categories to watch out for when you choose a baby monitor.

To be able to choose baby monitor that’s perfect for you, make sure that you set a specific budget. Don’t be too stingy since these monitors can ensure your baby’s safety. If you can afford to purchase a high-quality, branded one, do so. Cheap baby monitors often give off unclear signals and are prone to several interferences. Also, read product reviews on your possible picks before you finally choose a baby monitor. These reviews reveal a lot about the baby monitor including their weaknesses and strengths.

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So how did you choose a baby monitor for your child? Was it worth it? Please tell us your experience in a comment below. Learn more on how to choose a baby monitor by viewing the video below:

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