10 effective ways to boost your toddler’s IQ

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Toddlerhood is the prime time for absorption of information. Here are 10 doable and effective ways to increase your child's intelligence

10 Tips on how to boost your toddler’s IQ

 #1: Read stories to your child.

By reading stories to your child even at a very young age, your child will learn language, facial expressions and voice signals that he will later imitate. This will fuel her love for reading and lead her to learn the language quickly, to use facial expressions and understand voice signals early in his or her life. Reading is also proven to encourage language development in toddlers, which helps with imagination and linguistic abilities.

What you can do with your toddler: Read board books, magazines, and any bright, colourful materials which catches your toddler’s attention. Our neighbourhood libraries and the National Library offer a children’s section with a wide variety of books.

#2: Introduce music and rhythm as early as possible.

It has been known that music can increase a person’s mental ability because it can stimulate the brain’s nerve endings. Thus, it is recommended that even while pregnant, a mother should listen to classical music to stimulate the brain of her unborn child.

Likewise, children who are exposed to music and rhythm most likely have the inclination for such as they grow up.

how to boost your toddler's IQ

Music helps tickle the brain waves which can help stimulate your toddler’s IQ.

What you can do with your toddler: Turn on the music and dance with your toddler! Music and movement classes are popular in Singapore. Some places which offer such classes for tots – Mini MaestrosOur Music Studio SingaporeStaccatoKindermusik with LoveRhythm in Me.

#3: Intro your child to sports, games or other physical activities.

Physical activities such as sports or outdoor games help the body receive fresh oxygen to promote blood circulation in the brain. This helps to invigorate your toddler’s brain to enhance sound thinking, fresh creativity, enhanced concentration and brain power boosting.

What you can do with your toddler: Go outdoors with your kids and get close to nature, or simply indulge in a day at the beach or park for a breathe of fresh air. Do take note that such outdoor activities should be done when the haze is not looming. Check out this list of places which offer sport classes and physical activities for your toddlers.

#4: Build a strong relationship with your toddler.  

Studies show that emotional well-being and social competence help build a solid foundation for the cognitive abilities that your toddler is developing, and they function like bricks and mortar of brain architecture. The emotional and physical health, social skills, and cognitive-linguistic capacities which develop during the toddler years are key aspects to success in school, at work, and in society.

how to boost your toddler's IQ

Parent-and-child time together helps to build bonds, deepen connectivity on different levels and plays a role in your toddler’s IQ.

As learning is linked to your toddler’s brain, having a close relationship where both are connected, allows your child to be more motivated. Eye contact and facial expressions help build bonds during parent-child interaction.

What you can do with your toddler: Parent-child time need not be intensive and can be as simple as reading together, or doing some colouring or craft work together. Putting aside 10 to 15 minutes to chat with your toddler at the end of the day counts too!

#5: Engage your toddler in mental workouts.

Mental workouts such as tests, puzzles or word games will stimulate the brain to exercise its different functions. If the brain is kept active, then its ability to process information will increase. Consequently, this will lead to a higher IQ for your toddler’s developing brain.

What you can do with your toddler: Chess is known to stimulate the brain’s ability to concentrate, analyze problems, and work out solutions. So playing chess with your child once in a while can help boost his brain power.

Alternatively, there are several brain-enhancing classes available in Singapore which aim to harness the child’s brain power and untapped potential during the early years. These classes include: Shichida MethodHeguruiGeniusCMA Mental ArithmeticSingapore Brain Development Centre.


Activities, sports and music and help improve your toddler’s IQ! Find out what brain-boosting food is great for toddlers, and how experiential-learning contribute to your toddler’s IQ too.

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