10 effective ways to boost your toddler’s IQ

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Toddlerhood is the prime time for absorption of information. Here are 10 doable and effective ways to increase your child's intelligence

Many parents in academic-focused Singapore are obsessed with their child being “smarter” than others.

That is why there are so many brain development classes which start as young as six months old. Parents have no qualms about starting their babies in these classes really young in hope of “opening up” their brains, and hopefully nurturing a brainy child. What is equally important is also promoting early cognitive development through nutrition.

Some parents subscribe to the belief that their child’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a key to success in life. While parents hope for an intelligent child, many parents emphasise this during the toddler years (after their child turns one) as the brain is known to triple in size from birth, by the age of three.

The youngest child to be accepted into Mensa Singapore (part of Mensa International which takes in the top 2% of the population) is all of two years old, and has an IQ of 142. This means that Elijah Catalig’s intellect is that of a four- to five-year-old! 

toddler's IQ

Parents need to understand that your toddler’s IQ is not the ‘be all end all’!

What is the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)?

An IQ test is a psychological measure of a person’s level of intelligence through a set of standardized tests.

How is IQ measured and determined?

IQ tests measure the “fluid” and “crystalised” intelligence of a person.

Fluid intelligence refers to the problem-solving ability, and being able to think and reason abstractly.

Crystalised intelligence on the other hand, involves knowledge from one’s past experience and prior learning.

The licensed psychologist administers a myriad of tests which involves different kinds of intelligence tests, designed to measure one’s mathematical abilities, language skills, memory, reasoning skills, and information-processing speed.

Mensa Singapore shares some sample questions on their website. Some questions pattern sequencing which tests a person’s reasoning skills, to arrive at the right answer.

An average IQ score stands at 100. Below charts the breakdown of IQ scores and their classification:

  • 115 to 129 – Above average; bright
  • 130 to 144 – Moderately gifted
  • 145 to 159 – Highly gifted
  • 160 to 179 – Exceptionally gifted
  • 180 and up – Profoundly gifted

How does a toddler’s brain develop?

Research has shown that the early years are important because in the first few years of life, the brain architecture reflects that 700 new neural connections are formed per second.

These neural connections are developed with the interaction of genes and a baby’s environment and experiences, especially the “serve and return interaction with adults. This is akin to a ping pong game, where responses go both ways, and is linked to development of social skills and communication.

It is also noted that by the time your toddler turns two, his cerebral cortex contains well over a hundred trillion synapses, which are responsible for the transmission and receipt of information in the brain.

how to boost your toddler's IQ

The brain is a massive network of connections and your toddler’s IQ is blossoming during the first three years of his life.

Is it possible to improve my toddler’s IQ?

Studies show that our brain attains adult weight by early childhood, usually by age 5-10 years, and by the time your child is around four-years-old, his brain would have been 90% of the size of an adult’s brain.

So technically speaking, the toddler years (age one to three), is a window of opportunity for nurturing your child’s brain development in a bid to work on his IQ levels.


So, how to boost your toddler’s IQ? Looks like it’s more than just sending him to enrichment classes…

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